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Mar 30, 2010 09:40 PM

Pork Sandwiches at Eton

Finally got around to trying the pork "sandwiches" at Eton on Sackett St in Carroll Gardens today. I suppose they're his version of the guo bao or Momofuku pork bun or whatever, made with what seems like pulled pork shoulder rather than belly and not overstuffed with meat. Freshly steamed buns, some lightly pickled cucmbers, some hoisin.

Verdict? Not bad. Not as good as momofuku. Haven't had a flushing guo bao yet, but I suspect not as good as one of those either. Would prefer pork belly and a little less hoisin. But hey, at half the price of momofuku and a few doors away from me (a lot closer than flushing), I'll be going back for them.

Eton is a nice place to have in the neighborhood.

359 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. This is another good-to-know-about option. I tried to call Eton today at about 5 and got no answer, several times. Any idea if they're still keeping irregular hours in late afternoon (i.e. ideal kid dinner time) or were they off for Easter, or did I just run into some bad luck?

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    1. re: cazique

      They actually closed early on Easter. I walked by to order some soup and they had a sign on the door.

    2. i agree. Totally serviceable. The ramen, however, was pretty sub-par. Bland broth, and way to too skimpy on the toppings. The dumplings continue to impress.

      1. i have a small appetite, admittedly (i cannot finish 5 dumplings from eton) but even i thought the pork buns were too small. you would need at least 3 to feel "full to very full" because for a normal person 2 is definitely not enough.

        i love LOVE eton but i do think the sauce on the buns was too sweet and the pickles contributed nothing positive to the dish. they did have a very generous heaping of shredded pork.

        final verdict: good addition to the menu but needs improvement.

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        1. re: abr269

          agreed--sauce is too sweet, which is why i would like less of it. and cukes could make more of an impact. but for around the corner, it's not bad.

          also agree with robotcoupe that the ramen is terrible. ordered it once and never again.

          dumplings are good, tho the filling is a little too dense and meaty for me, if that makes any sense. but they are more filling than the chinatown dollar kind, so one order can make a meal.

          on balance, i'm happy to have eton around, quirks and misfires and all.

        2. Wow. Ordered Eton last night and was shocked at how gross the food was. Chicken buns left grease all over your hands and the meat tasted like greasy sawdust. Short ribs were dry, and the weird rice and macaroni sweetish mess served with them was utterly inedible. Both my friend and I threw our food away and went to bed hungry. The dumplings were ok, but not special. Plus we waited more than an hour for that nastiness. Will never go or order again. What a shame, I wanted to like that place.

          1. Has any one tried the beef short ribs at the Vanderbilt Ave. location?

            635 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238