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Mar 30, 2010 07:03 PM

Pupuseria and a Pupusa Truck

Had a couple of pupusas at Costa Del Sol (146 Bloomfield Ave., Newark). Hot and fresh for 1.50 each. Tried the queso and the frijoles versions...both very good. I also thought their curtido was really one of the best I have had. Extra vinegary flavor.

I also had their maduros with cream (maduro frito y crema)...and I must say that the salvadoran cream adds an extra element of goodness to the maduros.

I also notice a pupusa truck parked at North 3rd and Bloomfield each day, and was wondering if anyone had tried it? It is called Olguita's...says it specializes in salvadoran food (la comida tipica de los salvadorenos). Any feedback on the truck would be great. I plan to try it out it in the next week or so.

Costa Del Sol Restaurant
146 Bloomfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

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  1. When I lived in Newark 24 years ago I enjoyed a place many times in the same location that was called "Papusaria".....and it was super delicious!!!...wonder if its the same owner? Glad you enjoyed it ....I so wish they had them here in south jersey!! :(