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Vegans: is this okay?

I was at a local pub last night and noticed they had several items on the menu labelled on the menu as "vegan" that weren't as they contained eggs, cheese and other dairy. I was told that they want to highlight non-meat items but that their menu program didn't have a "vegetarian" icon and they were sure that vegans could just sort out what they could and couldn't eat for themselves. I'm sure they can but I still don't like their way of doing things and I was curious to hear what you all thought of the matter.

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  1. this is probably how it started with "i'm vegetarian, but i also eat fish."

    the lack of appropriate clip-art text.

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    1. re: dumpycactus

      speaking as a pescatarian, what idiot would say that?

        1. re: westsidegal

          I too think it's idiotic, but apparently many people do. Only one that I know personally. I finally told her she was not vegetarian. She is pescatarian.

      1. If I was a vegan, I wouldn't even buy an ice tea there. Boy, that's some level of respect.

        1. No it's not ok. It is a complete lack of respect.

          1. The pub's menu writer is totally out of control. This person should not be using terminology that s/he does not understand. Apart from that, it is totally disrespectful towards vegans.

            1. Maybe it's time for new software... What kind of menu software has a vegan label available, but doesn't have one for vegetarian?

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                My thought exactly. Absolutely NOT ok, false advertising and a potential lawsuit by people who are seriously allergic to or for medical reasons can't eat eggs or dairy.

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                  Glad to know that it's not just me being overly picky. I agree with those that said that it shows a total lack of respect for vegans, it's what I was thinking but couldn't articulate. Also, I don't know why they couldn't use a picture of a vegetable or just write out "vegetarian" to indicate such rather than mislabelling it as vegan.

                  But I did forget to mention that they do include a pretty good description of what's in each item so I doubt anyone will be mislead at to what it actually contains. Eg:
                  VEGAN Spinach & Tomato Quesadilla - This quesadilla is stuffed with fresh spinach, tomato and 3-cheese blend.
                  VEGAN Spinach Omelette - Feta cheese, sautéed spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes are folded in a fluffy 3 egg omelette.

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                    Then they should just leave the "vegan" off all together.

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                      They can call it meat-free which is more accurate.

                2. not okay at all--- in fact it falls under the "totally fucked up" category.

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                  1. Sort of like "we said it didn't contain nuts but it contains cashews. We figured the people with allergies woudl just figure it out." If you are looking at your customers to figure out what you really mean on their own, you are a fool.