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Mar 30, 2010 06:09 PM

Coconut Pie?

My sister has asked me to make a coconut pie for Easter dinner. I've never actually made one. Anyone want to point me to a favorite recipe? Doesn't need to be coconut cream if someone has something different that they love and would like to share?

I've been looking at Epicurious and through my cookbooks but have always had good luck with Chowhound recipes so thought it was worth asking.

She and I both thank you very much!

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  1. I love Rick Bayless' Yucatecan coconut pie:

    Very light crust with almonds and fresh breadcrumbs and super coconutty filling. Not too sweet, really.

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      I like Cook's Illustrated coconut cream pie a lot. It uses coconut milk and unsweetened coconut, not cream of coconut. Really good.

      1. re: zamorski

        +1 on Bayless's coconut pie. I love coconut cream pie, but this is so beyond any ordinary coconut pie. I have made this many times; prepping the fresh coconut is a bit of work, but it is really worth it. It gets raves, always.

        1. re: zamorski

          Huge timer saver: buy coconut water and organic shredded coconut flakes if you can't find a fresh, decent whole coconut.

        2. THank you everyone. I wanted to make the Bayless Pie but time didn't allow for me to play with a fresh coconut. Instead I made this coconut custard pie: which went together quickly.

          Unfortunately I fell ill and didn't make it to easter dinner but am told the pie was delicious. Will have to make another one to try myself...and once the semester is over will definitely give the Bayless pie a try.

          Thanks again for the suggestions.