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Mar 30, 2010 05:17 PM

Easter cookies? Something springy? Help!

I have been asked to bring cookies to my families house for Easter and don't have any good ideas. I usually bake a LOT for Christmas but I feel like all of those recipes are wintery. I am looking for some good ideas for a springtime cookie or other small dessert. I was thinking about lemon squares but would love to hear other ideas.

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  1. A lemony roll cookie that you could cut into flower or bunny shapes?

    1. I've been looking at cookie recipes for easter myself, and was thinking of this Barefoot Contessa recipe for Jam Thumbprints.

      I haven't made this one, but I've never gone wrong with a Barefoot Contessa recipe.

      I *have* made these lemon bars, and they are great...they call for oatmeal, so you can call them health food. ;>

      And, not a cookie, but this Ricotta Bundt Cake from another thread is also on my list of possibilities for Sunday:

      1. Lemon thyme shortbread.

        One year I made mini coconut custards ( made in mini muffin tins) which one could pick up like a cookie. They were a big hit.

        Rhubarb berry linzer cookies

        French macarons with their pretty colors. Or even American macaroons.

        Almond cookies.

        Inside out carrot cake cookies.

        Alfajores cookies (dulce de leche sandwiches)

        Mochi wrapped strawberries.

        Happy to dig up recipes if some of these seem interesting to you.

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        1. re: jsaimd

          I saw a recipe for inside out carrot cookies and thought that they looked interesting. Is there a specific recipe that you can recommend?

          I was also thinking of making something minty....

          1. re: lmuller

            I have used the epicurious recipe and it worked well. Carrot cake isn't my favorite and my husband hates cakey cookies, but others really liked them. I seem to remember wanting more spice.

            I would encourage you to use spearmint instead of mint extract for a springy flavor. A very nice bit size treat would be mini fresh strawberry tarts macerated with fresh mint. Or strawberry and mint meringues.

            1. re: lmuller

              Not a cookie, but I am going to make a white chocolate bark with dried berries, toasted almonds and fresh mint. I may have gotten the recipe here on CH. It was a real hit over the hollidays. Very springy!!!

              1. re: JEN10

                That reminds me of a white chocolate bark I saw in a chocolate shop last year at easter. Two ingredients: white chocolate and jelly beans! I thought it would be gross but kids would love it and it's pretty.

            2. re: jsaimd

              I would love your recipe for lemon thyme shortbread! It sound delicious. Thanks!

              1. re: birdmonkey

                I used a lemon shortbread recipe and just added thyme to taste, but here is on that looks similar


            3. I love this recipe. It comes together in a flash and is so delightful. People love them. There's way more flavor than you expect. I usually double it so I have enough, and have used different jams in each log.

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              1. re: katecm

                Does anyone have a good minty cookie recipe?

                1. re: lmuller

                  What minty type are you looking for - peppermint or fresh mint. Mint alone or with chocolate or with fruit?

                  1. re: jsaimd

                    I was thinking along the lines of chocolate and mint.... or fresh mint and fruit

                    1. re: lmuller

                      For kid friendly you can add mint to these;

                      In fact you can make strawberry marshmallows with fresh mint for the mallow cookies.

                      For strawberry and mint I would make cream puffs with strawberry jam folded into cream with fresh mint, or linzer cookies with fresh mint chopped into the jam. You can make both in Easter egg shapes if that is your thing.


                      Another idea is strawberry whoopie pies. You can again add chopped fresh mint to the meringue center, and more food coloring if you want it more pink - but make sure it is no taste red gel coloring for best results. Again can be made in different shapes.


                      Chow has a recipe for homemade thin mints if you search this site.

              2. Diana Kennedy's cookbook had some wonderful cookie recipes. There one I want to try for Easter, Polvorones (Mexican shortbread cookies) they're a very thin shortbread cookie.
                What was gave me the idea to make them for Easter is that they are wrapped in tissued paper with the ends twisted and shredded, to make them look like bonbons. I am hoping to find food quality pastel colored tissue to wrap the cookies giving them a more festive look for Easter. I think I saw the tissue at Michales.

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                1. re: chef chicklet

                  So I made the "inside out carrot cake" cookies from Epicurious and am very disappointed. They look really ugly and I don't care for the cream cheese filling that is inside. What did I do wrong? UGH. Now I am making jam thumbprint cookies which at least seem to look ok. I am not even going to bring the carrot cake ones for Easter dinner!

                  1. re: lmuller

                    Sorry to hear it...hope the jam thumbprints come through for you though!

                    1. re: lmuller

                      Carrot cake cookies I don't think are ever cute are they : ). It makes a big difference if you use a uniform scoop on the look of your cookies. Like I said, lots of people love these cookies but my husband and I didn't - they were fine, but we weren't in love. I assumed it was just us. Maybe not. I don't recall my reaction to the cream cheese filling - it has been awhile.

                      If it is any consolation, sometimes the flops turn out to be hits. This year my son was baptized and i was supposed to bring cookies. But it was a really crazy week, and I had spent quite a bit of time making a 3D birthday cake for him. My first batch of frosting I was inpatient and added the butter before the base had cooled (southern custard), and it all melted into soupy mess. Hard to save it. I didn't want to just throw it out, and it occurred to me that it was just butter, sugar etc. Make it into cookies. I did, and thought they were very meh - but people DEVOURED them and kept asking for the recipe above the other cookies I brought. So, you never know : ).

                      1. re: jsaimd

                        I second this phenomenon...I've had it happen to me with a sweet potato dish. It called for a streusel-type topping, and in my late night holiday daze, I stirred the ingredients for the topping into the main part of the dish (which already called for a fair amount of butter and sugar).

                        Brought it to dinner and the family thought it was the best thing they'd ever had. Made it exactly the same way the following year.

                        I've learned in the last year or so to separate my own hypercriticism of whatever I make from how people will perceive the dish. The first is not necessarily indicative of the second.

                        In most cases, people are so receptive to 'real' food, and appreciate the effort and love put into it. And if they don't...well, they don't deserve either. ;>