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Mar 30, 2010 05:01 PM

Destination food [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

My husband and I are trying to figure out a local first anniversary trip in mid June. Being a chowhound, I'd like to center it around destination food stops. Any great destination eats within a 4 hour drive? Obviously the more in one area the better. I was thinking about Great River Road, SE of Minneapolis but I'm open to anything. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, posted this on the wrong board. Since it got moved here, we live in Minneapolis and are looking for places within a 4 hour drive of the Twin Cities Metro area.

    1. Sorry, but some clarification would help. Are you looking primarily for restaurants, purveyors, or both? Will you be staying overnight away from Minneapolis or just doing an out an back?

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        Restaurants for sure, but maybe a great cheese farm or place to pick berries as well. Food stores aren't necessarily up our alley, unless there's an experience attached, like a ton of samples at a place that sells cheese. We hope to turn this into a getaway weekend, so probably 2 nights away from home.

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          There used to be a great Bed and Breakfast in Harmony, Minnesota, called Gourmet's Garden. You can Google it. I honestly don't know if it is still in business, though. If so, go there. There are cheese shops around the area, and plenty of Amish selling their jams, baked goods, etc.

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            Stephen Larson and Lisa Flicker gave up their Gourmet's Garden B&B and cooking school because people just wanted to eat their food, rather than learn how to make it. So they started Quarter/quarter restaurant in Harmony -- it's in the old Skandinavien Blomma/Clover Gallery shop.

      2. Just drive around Lake Pepin -- it's 70 miles, with a good place to eat about every five miles. Our favorite dinner place is The Nortons in Red Wing, but lots of people like the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, and then there's Vinifera in Wabasha and Nosh in Lake City. For snacking stops, the Smiling Pelican in Maiden Rock, Bogus Creek and Stockholm Pie Company in Stockholm, the Nelson Cheese Factory in Nelson and Rabbit's Bakery in Lake City, Good luck coming up with enough appetite to handle all that!

        Harbor View Cafe
        314 1st St, Pepin, WI 54759

        Rabbit's Bakery
        304 S Washington St, Lake City, MN 55041

        Bogus Creek Cafe
        114 Spring St, Stockholm, WI 54769

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        1. Don't know if you've already planned your trip yet but if not, I would highly recommend Schumachers Hotel and Grill 212 in New Prague ( It's only 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities and would be a great place for both food and lodging. My husband and I spent an evening there in December. They have their summer rates specials from now until August on the rooms, and the food is world-class at ridiculously inexpensive prices. New Prague has lots of neat little gift shop/specialty shops on their Main Street as well. There is also a winery near by I think.