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Mar 30, 2010 01:07 PM

Vegetarian friendly in Mannheim?

My wife will be in Mannheim for a week in July for a conference. Any suggestions for foods, sweet or savory, to enjoy in Mannheim? Restaurants? Bakeries? Great places to get German wines by the glass? And, as noted, as if this wasn't challenging enough -- she's vegetarian/pescetarian. Blow me away with your suggestions! :)

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  1. Recently 3 star chef Juan Amador (Amador Restaurant- Langen) opened a new place in Mannheim called Amesa. His 3 star restaurant is tremendous and I can't wait to try the new 1 star Amesa. Born in Germany to Spanish parents he's clearly influed by Adria etc. Great Spanish wine list, and better than average German list although depends on which items you choose whether the German wines will work.

    Also, two Italian restaurants (one star) Da Gianni and Grissi.

    Best find for me is a really good Austrian restaurant with tremendous Austrian wine list: Pinzgauer Stuben.

    For weinstuben I do not suggest either Lutter and Wegner (International list rather than German) or Keller's (many choices but depending on your experience with German wines no real good estates).

    For beer I suggest the Mannheim outpost of Andechs, the Bavarian monastery brewery with traditional Bavian menu (including V/P offerings).

    I'm not a real fan of Mannheim, so if you can, get to Heidelberg (easy by train) and see below: