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Mar 30, 2010 12:43 PM

The Modern Dining Room - favorite dishes?

I'd love to hear about any standouts since I'm going for the first time on Friday. Thanks!

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  1. Get the Caramel Chocolate Dome. It's one of my favorite desserts. In terms of dishes, the alsace tart is always good for filling up on, I never get sick of the tartare and the rabbit saffron tagliatelle is great.

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      Those dishes are from the Bar Room I believe.

      I loved the Chef Tasting Menu, the Maine Lobster "Cappuccino" is a highlight, ieven if not the most original item on the menu. I also think that the Pineapple Chartreuse with Fresh Herb Sorbet is incredible, one of the best desserts I've ever had. Maybe you can substitute that onto the Chef Tasting Menu?

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        Windycity - yup, your dishes are from the Bar Room, but will keep them in mind when I go.

        IrnScrabble - Thanks for the recs!

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          The tartare of yellowfin tuna and scallops as well as the chorizo crusted codfish are standouts. As for ordering bar room items in the dining room, be mindful that they purportedly have two different kitchens (at least that's what I was told) and my request for an order of beignets was only delivered after my server inquired with the chef. Being a Danny Meyer establishment, I was a lttle surprised with the hesitancy in delivering the item. But for that little hiccup, my meal there was stellar. Enjoy.

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            They seem to check with the chef for all such requests, and then proceed to meet them. This seems an ongoing pattern there, so maybe it's just policy? Maybe a slightly silly practice, but my request for egg in a jar was met nonetheless. . .

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              IrnScrabble - This didn't make sense to me. Having dined at other Meyer restaurants, the staff usually go out of their way to meet the customer's requests. When I asked for the dessert, I got the feeling from the wait person that my request was somewhat unusual and out of the ordinary. Going in, I thought that it was a common occurence to request things off of the bar room menu.

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                I attempted to order the caramel dome dessert when it was on the dining room menu while sitting in the bar room, and I was told no, they would not do that for me. I really don't get this policy.

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                  There is a discussion about this in another recent thread:


      2. Thanks for all of your suggestions. We decided on the chef's tasting menu. Everything was delicious and there was so much food - nine courses plus hors d’oeuvres and mignardises, so we didn't order anything from the Bar Room. Highlights included:

        - foie gras torchon with lychee compote (similar in flavor to Momofuku Ko except that they served brioche toast instead of nut brittle)

        - the two fish courses: halibut with Gewürztraminer cream and the cod with chorizo

        - fava bean soup with morels stuffed with chicken, black truffle, and foie gras (really spectacular)

        - duck breast with black trumpet marmalade

        - two desserts on the coconut/caramel/tropical fruit theme

        It seems like the kitchen added and substituted a few dishes from the online tasting menu, which was a nice surprise. I'd love to return for the lobster cappuccino, tuna tartare, and pineapple chartreuse, which were not part of the tasting.

        The noise level was surprisingly high (we could barely hear our servers' description of the dishes), but the view of the sculpture garden and the polished and affable service more than made up for it. I also plan on hitting the Bar Room soon to sample more of the chef's offerings, and will keep your recommendations in mind. Can't wait.

        Momofuku Ko
        163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

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        1. re: fm1963

          What tasting menu was this? It sounds like nothing posted on their website? Did you design it yourself or was it actually printed out the night you went?

        2. Yeah the menu was different from the website. We were there for a late lunch - the Chef's Tasting was not printed out, just listed on the menu as an option. Our server said that the kitchen was sent out a few new dishes, all of which were amazing. Here's the complete list:

          Hors d’Oeuvres:
          Popcorn with powdered porcini
          Sphere of liquified mozzarella with sundried tomato
          Comte cheese cracker with vegetable slaw

          Amuse Bouche:
          Celery root panna cotta with salmon roe

          First Course:
          Foie gras au torchon with lychee compote and duck prosciutto

          Second Course:
          Halibut with Gewürztraminer cream and julienned vegetables

          Third Course:
          Ravioli of escargot with mustard greens and quail eggs

          Fourth Course:
          Fava bean soup with morels stuffed with chicken, black truffle, and foie gras

          Fifth Course:
          Chorizo-crusted codfish with bean purée and harissa oil

          Sixth Course:
          Duck breast with black trumpet marmalade

          Caramel parfait with mango ravioli, coconut lemongrass tapioca, and passionfruit sorbet

          Extra Dessert:
          Lime lemon gelee, citrus marmalade, coconut macaron, orange foam, and caramel

          Toffee brittle
          Dulce de leche macaron
          Assorted chocolates, cookies and brownies

          We were beyond stuffed, and to think I was expecting to leave hungry, LOL.

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              The parfait consisted of caramel ice cream served with coconut cream with a touch of lemongrass and tiny tapioca, a few small ravioli filled with mango, a sorbet which tasted like passionfruit, and tuilles made of spun sugar (I think). There may have been a few other components, can't remember, but it was a fun dish - harmonious flavors, interesting textures, and beautiful presentation.

              The second dessert was smaller in scale - basically a shot glass with lemon lime jelly at the bottom, then layered with marmalade, a coconut macaron, orange foam and drizzled with caramel. This was probably conceived as an elaborate palate cleanser and perhaps should have been served before the parfait, but I'm not complaining. I liked it a lot.

          1. Unfortunately the service and wait time for food made for an unpleasant meal. The staff took forever to come to the table and then for a two course meal we were in the restaurant for more than 2 hours. The soup course was delicious as was both mine and my husband's fish dishes. The taste of the meal could not make up for the wait to get it.
            maybe try on a slow day.

            1. Has anyone been since they changed over to the 4 course prix fixe?

              Is the wine pairing price for the tasting menu or the 4 course menu...if its for the 4 course, seems a little odd to pay more for wine parings than the food itself.

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                I just noticed that they have four courses on the prix fixe--they had only three when I was there earlier this month..