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Mar 30, 2010 12:41 PM

EMac? Need Easter brunch in PSL

Hi hounds -

Looking for a brunch or lunch spot for Easter. It does not have to be fancy or a massive buffet but I do hope the food is tasty.

Guests include 2 seniors of limited mobility who do not do spicy food nor really expensive "sticker shock" places. PSL - Jensen Beach or Stuart are OK.

Can you suggest something in PSL or not too far away? I have read EMac's glowing review of Tin Fish but they are closed Easter.

I do welcome any advice for a traditional breakfast or a great lunch spot.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Hi, AG! Wow! That's a toughie! PSL isn't a great foodie destination. Tin Fish is very good and we like it alot. For Easter I'm not so sure quite what to recommend! Older folks might like the 'Dolphin Bar' in Jensen Beach, nice salad bar and beautiful location and ambiance. Traditional breakfast place would be Jan's in Jensen Beach. Tin Fish in PSL for lunch if they're open. My backyard for the fresh ham that I'm going to roast in my smoker! I'll consult with wifey on this one and get back to you!! This evening!


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      Thanks so much Emac!

      After reading your review I had hoped to do Tin Fish but they confirmed they will close for Easter. Got recommendations for West End Grill and Mulligans in Jensen Beach. The place doesn't need to be "foodie/gourmet" but someplace you'd take older family members for a pleasant Easter breakfast or lunch around noontime in the PSL/Jensen/Stuart area.

      Thanks so much for your tips!


      1. re: advisor_Girl

        West End Grill is good....I've eaten there just one time and liked it......It's not a big place and they have outdoor eating areas.....and I'm not that fond of outdoor dining.....nonetheless the food was very solid there.....Mulligans in Jensen Beach is relatively good.....more of a "happy hour spot".....It's on a corner with open-air (but covered) dining is place....Would still recommend 'Dolphin Bar''s just down the way from Mulligans in Jensen Beach.......

        GOOD LUCK!!!......Except for Maple Street this isn't a bastion of fine dining!