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Mar 30, 2010 12:26 PM

quinoa risotto

big fan of quinoa, cook with it at least a couple times a, thanks to a couple posts on here lately, I decided to make quinoa risotto the other night - I made it pretty the same as regular risotto, sauteed onion then cooked down wine, added quinoa to coat and fry for a bit then added greens, mushrooms and veggie broth etc.

to me, it seemed to produce basically the same result as if I had cooked the quinoa separately and then mixed in the veggies etc. question to anyone with experience with this is: does it make an appreciable difference to cook the quinoa together with the other ingredients, or is quinoa risotto not really much like a (arborio rice) risotto at all? any tips for making it better than i did?

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  1. Were you hoping for the creaminess of a risotto? I believe that comes from the starch released by the rice grains. May be quinoa does not that kind of starch. It might behave more like a long grain rice.

    1. Been there, done the risotto thing. There's inadequate starch in quinoa to give up that creaminess that one would expect from a rice-based risotto, so the only difference is that you get to control the fluffiness and see how well it absorbs your stock.

      If you liked the end result of your foray, that's all tha really matters.