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Mar 30, 2010 11:14 AM

How Many Bullets Does It Take To Cook A Rasher Of Bacon?

Apparently about 200 rounds through your machine gun:

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  1. Sounds about right... those barrels heat up quickly after a few rounds.

    1. LOL, how do people come up with this stuff!!! They go to the shooting range,but don't want to eat out of the vending machines, so they think "hmm my gun barrel gets hot after a few rounds, maybe I could cook something with it?"

      1. I'm glad he wrapped the barrel in tin foil; the gas that comes out of guns is loaded with heavy metals. I scrub my face and hands after shooting because of it; I would never eat anything cooked on a gun (that is a weird statement to type).

        Also, who "discards" an MG3? Those things are worth beaucoup bucks.

        1. Christ, I wish we thought of this in 'Nam. Ran out of good machine gun barrels at times, they would glow red. It woulda saved on C-rat heat tabs roo. To busy stayin' alive to think of such genius I guess.

          1. that is one costly bacon cooker...