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Mar 30, 2010 10:53 AM

Hot Dog places in SF or Peninsula

I love going to hot dog places and so far the only good hot dog place I know of is Famous Frankfurter in Millbrae. When I lived in NY I was in hot dog heaven, the carts had better hot dogs than most of the places i have been around here. I grew up here and I didn't know how bad it was until I lived in other places. While in NY I think my favorite place was Gray's Papaya, the hot dogs were good, cheap(at the time $.75), and it was open 24 hours a day. The cheap side of the equation is not too important to me anymore, but I want a place that is good and has decent hours instead of the crap hours most places seem to have in the bay area. Any suggestions? Restaurants, stands, carts they all work for me.

Famous Frankfurter
293 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030

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  1. A big part of the problem is that everybody out here seems to insist on grilling hot dogs rather than steaming them. One place that has steamed dogs (and buns) is Moishe's Pipic, on Hayes. It's a Chicago-style Jewish deli. Their hours probably area what you'd qualify as lousy, though, as they are only open through lunch I think. Anyhow, they make a pretty good Chicago style dog, among others.

    1. In the 70's there was a place in Sunnyvale called the Happy Hound that served great Chicago-style dogs. It closed down when they built the medical center. I recently moved back to the S. Bay and have seen a Happy Hound restaurant now in Los Gatos. Haven't been there yet but my food memories have me wondering. Yelpers are giving it solid reviews.

      don't know if they are the same place

      Happy Hound
      15899 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032