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Mar 30, 2010 10:48 AM

Easter Trip to Puerto Rico: 4 Night Dinner Lineup Needs Feedback

Background: My fiancee and I are spending the Easter holiday in PR and currently live in NYC

Food considerations: we've been to most all restaurants in NY and are looking for the following during vacation - restaurants that have cuisine we can't get in NYC and top restaurants in the area

Current dinner reservation lineup:
+ Friday: Delirio (Chef Alfredo Ayala has come highly recommended)
+ Saturday: Brother Jimmy's (we are staying at the ESJ and I want to be able to watch the NCAA Final Four games and have drinks)
+ Sunday: Budatai (Chef Roberto Trevino's showing on Iron Chef suggests food should be good)
+ Monday: Aquaviva (based on friend's suggestion)

Basis: constructed based on prior trips, suggestions, Chowhound Boards, T + L, Top Chef, Food & Wine, and other various sources

Conclusion: looking for suggestions as to places that I may be missing and whether I should change the ordering of restaurants

Other points: considered the following but excluded - Dragonfly, Parrot Club, Pikayo, and BLT Steak

Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

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  1. BUDATAI is awesome well worth it
    Parrot Club on Fortaleza for the house drink and starters
    La Bombanera is beyond wonderful for the coffee maker alone and snacks and sandwiches.

    1. I live in San Juan and if I had only one night in PR for dinner it would definitely be at Pikayo. With four nights it would be a shame for you to exclude Pikayo. It is the best cuisine in PR. Don't miss it. Chayote is also very good. Delirio would be my third choice. I would not bother with Aquaviva..nothing amazing .
      Parrot Club used to be good years ago but I have not been back due to a few bad experiences. BLT Steak..much better in NY....used to be really good when it first opened but has gone downhill and I won't go anymore as the quality just doesn't compare to NY.
      I really can't say anything great about Budatai...I have been there a few times but am usually underwhelmed. If you live in NY , Budatai will be a letdown.