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Mar 30, 2010 09:56 AM

The Saloon bar and Grill in Jeffersonville

Has anyone been? How is it?

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  1. Did it re-open? That place has been closed for years. After it closed it was the Moody Monkey which also closed...

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    1. re: obx_nancy

      Yes, the Saloon is open. Has been for over a month. We have been going there since it opened. They have 2 bar areas, full service restaurant, brick oven pizzas, great food and drinks, wide selection of beers, friendly staff, large screen TVs throughout, live music on Fri nights, Bar Bingo on Monday nights. We go there at least once a week with our neighbors.

      And no... I don't work there.

      1. re: Auriemma

        The Norristown Times Herald did a write-up on them recently:

        My parents live in the area and I always knew it as The Saloon, then it became a couple of other, forgettable places that didn't last too long. Glad to see it's back, it seems like the area is being overtaken by chain restaurants.

        1. re: Auriemma

          Welcome to CHOW, Auriemma.

          Saloon sounds like a carbon copy of the sports bar directly across the street. Anything that makes it stand out in terms of cuisine?


          1. re: Chefpaulo

            We went here last Friday and were really impressed. Pretty good beer menu with decent drafts and a great bomber selection. I thought the food was really solid as well. I had a burger and my companion had a pizza. They have a brick oven in which they cook the pizza which I thought was pretty cool. They also have rooftop seating which I guess they will be opening in the upcoming months. I think that alone is great.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Been across the street many times. Its far from a carbon copy. IMHO, the Saloon is better all around. The food is a step or two up from other restaurants in the nearby area with a larger and better selection. I really like the Saloon Burrito, Waldorf Wrap, and hand tossed brick oven pizzas. The live music on friday nights has been excellent as well. Try it and see for yourself.

              FYI: The rooftop deck opens on Sat. May 22 with local favorites... The Mango Men. (and no... I don't work there.)

              1. re: Auriemma

                Stopped in on a thursday night a few weeks ago. To my delight (i'm a wing fanatic) they have a thursday night all-u-can-eat wing special for around 8 dollars i think it was. They have 11 flavors if i recall. Mild was a bit buttery, though im more of a hot guy. Cajun Buffalo was tasty. I'm more of a wing purist so i judge by the 'hot' wing sauce. It could have been a tad hotter for my liking. Wings were good size and meaty. I can't stand small overcooked burnt crispy wings. For 8 bucks, it's probably worth a shot for wing-heads. The rest of the menu was extensive, thoguh i didnt venture to any of it yet.


                My other local (Norristown) wing favorites are the 'hot' at Steppy's, East Norriton and 'hot' and/or 'garlic sesame' Screwballs (King of Prussia). Capone's in East Norriton also have great wings, although i don't frequent the wings there often as i get sidetracked with their beer selection.