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Authentic Chinese in Broward Co. area?

Hi there,

I live in Weston but am willing to travel a bit for good Chinese food. I was spoiled by the best in the Northeast, and I just can't stop thinking about Chinese food! Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd like to go this friday for dinner--doesn't have to be fancy, but just really good quality chinese food. Thank you.

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  1. I liked Peppers in Pembroke Pines. I thought it was pretty authentic, especially for South Florida. They're also open late in true "Chinatown" fashion. ;) I think this would be your best bet - as I'm even willing to drive over to Peppers from Miami.

    1. Check out CH for Silver Pond in Lauderhill. There is also a great Chinese BBQ shop in the same shopping center.

      Silver Pond Restaurant
      4285 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

      1. Try Dragon City near the Hard Rock in Hollywood. (make sure you get both menus)

        Dragon City
        6708 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

        1. I live in Weston as well...close to home is Miya, in the shopping center just south of Griffin / east of 75 (near Outback). Sure, you'll have to lower your standards a bit from what you remember up north, but it's the best in the immediate vicinity. Trust me, I've tried them all.

          Peppers is really good; haven't sampled the other two.

          4825 Volunteer Rd, Southwest Ranches, FL 33330

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            Just wanted to report that we had a fantastic meal at Silver Pond--your recommendation was right on the money, albee. We had the salt baked squid, ginger garlic crab, and hong kong duck--all delicious and truly, this meal, hit the spot. yes the service is a bit icy, but meal was worth it--thx again for the rec. i look forward to trying the other suggestions posted here soon!

          2. I agree with the recommendation of Silver Pond on SR7 in Lauderdale Lakes. It is real Chinese food that is delicious. Sometimes the wait times can get long at the peak hours on the weekends. Another great place to try for excellent dim sum is Toa Toa on N. Pine Island Rd in Sunrise. It's in the same shopping plaza as the Sunrise 11 movie theater and the Winn-Dixie. The shrimp dumplings are delicious and fresh-tasting.

            Silver Pond Restaurant
            4285 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

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              used to eat in silver pond like decades ago. now i prefer hong kong city.

            2. There is a fairly new (less than a year old) restaurant in West Sunrise called Pine Court Chinese Bistro that I think is worth trying. Felt like China town SF with mostly Asian clientele and waiters who speak little English. I have only eaten there once so far so I can't really review the restaurant in depth, but what we had there was excellent. The very authentic chow fun was a standout. They are located on Nob Hill Rd. a little north of Sunrise. The center is a little tough to see from the street. Look for the Dunkin Donuts. And as a bonus the owners have just opened the largest Asian market in S. Fl. In the same center. The market I can enthusiastically recommend. If you cook you MUST visit the market. And in the same center there is a Doris's, a large Italian market and a small Indian grocery store.

              1. Hit up Hong Kong City BBQ on 441 near Commercial yesterday afternoon. As good or better than ever.

                Probably a good sign when you walk in and 75% of the patrons are Asian families. For all the annoying ex-NY'ers (like me) who say (not like me) "there's no good Chinese in SoFla" - this place is for you to try.

                I went mainstream, "safe" dim sum (ask for the secret dim sum menu) plus their fantastic chicken chow fun and the best kung pao chicken anywhere. Yes, I know, that's PF Chang's food - but I wanted to try again just to compare to when I worked near here 10 yrs ago and used to go 2x a week.

                Pix attached. "Saturday – Sunday 10:30am – 11pm" :-)

                I really do need to go back more often for the truly authentic dishes, plus bbq pork, duck, etc...

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                  An additional note - the service is just stellar. This seems to be a "men in back of house, ladies in FOH" business.... and oh, the Asian ladies are terrific. Make you feel like family. It's remarkable, really.