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Mar 30, 2010 09:29 AM

Tandoori-style chicken in the oven plus a nice veggie side?

I'm craving oven-baked/roasted/broiled (whichever works best?) tandoori-style chicken...

I have a great collection of Indian spice mixtures, so getting that right is the least of my worries. My plan is to marinate the chicken pieces (sl&bl thighs, most likely) in yogurt, ginger, cayenne, garlic, and the tandoori mix for a few hours, then throw it in the oven.

Anyone recommend a particular method over another? I've seen recipes for broiling, which is probably the fastest, but does roasting in the oven make sense, too?

Also, should I keep the thighs on a rack in order for them to get a uniform char on the outside?

Last but certainly not least, a great Indian veggie dish that is NOT too complicated would be the perfect side -- I'm already serving Basmati rice and a cuke & yogurt salad...

ANY tips are, as always, highly appreciated!


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  1. Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower.)
    It's as simple as you want it to be. There are recipes all over. But I basically create a curry base, add potatoes, water to cover, and when the potatoes are nearly fork tender, add in cut up cauliflower.

    My standard is to heat oil, add mustard seeds, then when they start to sputter, build a standard curry - ginger, garlic, curry leaf, some sort of masala, fresh chile - nothing too involved. Some like tomato sauce, I don't. I usually finish it off witha hit of lime juice.

    1. Cooks Illustrated has a fabulous tandoori chicken recipe. Include chopped onion in your marinade as well along with turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin. Perhaps that's already in your tandoori mix. Then bake at 500 degrees on a rack over a rimmed baking sheet for 15 minutes, turn the chicken pieces and bake for another 15-20 minutes. Let rest for 5 minutes. These were 10-12 oz split chicken breasts. If your pieces are smaller, you'll need less time. I did spinach stir fried with garlic and mustard seeds. Super easy.

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        Here's the Cooks Illustrated recipe which incidentally I just read last night and have bookmarked to try soon.

      2. I've mentioned on your "What's for dinner post" that this is a fave at Casa Harters.

        But I'll add here that I cook in the oven and don't bother with a rack. We normally have this just with the rice and a couple of chutnies. But have a simple crisp salad starter - maybe nothing more than lettuce and cucumber or radish (squeeze of lemon as the dressing -sprinkle of mustard seeds or similar)

        1. Roasted onions with lemons are a must for me with tandoori chicken, as are other tart and rich flavors on the side.

          Potato salad with tamarind chutney

          Bean sprout chaat

          Chickpeas with Amchur Potatoes

          Stuffed zucchini

          Roasted eggplant

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            Oh, that all sounds so delicious! Thanks so much to all of you! I finally decided on saag paneer, b/c it seemed like the easiest thing to make... but of course I cheated with a store-bought sauce from Pataks' -- the Dopiaza Curry sauce, and threw in some palak paneer mix from an Indian store here that the lady suggested.

            Couldn't find paneer at Wegmans, so bought firm tofu instead, but now have paneer (from the aforementioned Indian store), so tofu will be for dinner some other time.

            The boneless thighs are still marinating in my yogurt concoction which got tossed with some ginger paste, crushed garlic, and a variety of my Penzey's curry spices... yes, I went a little nuts there, and I also added a teaspoon or two of cilantro chutney, that I could frankly eat straight out of the glass :-)

            The thighs will be blasted in the oven at 475˚F or under the broiler - I still haven't made up my mind. Ugh. They're fairly thin pieces, so not sure what the best method would be.

            Garlic & sliced onion is mellowing in white wine vinegar and salt, soon to be united with yogurt and cukes. Oh, and I just might have to put some of that cilantro chutney in there haha.

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              Paneer is incredibly easy to make, should you decide you want to make it at some time in the future.



          2. My favorite veggie side for tandoori chicken is a medley of zucchini, yellow crook neck squash, red bells, chunks of onion and Chinese eggplant sprinkled with mustard oil and tossed with minced garlic, garam masala, salt and pepper then grilled or oven-roasted depending on whether I grill or oven-roast the tandoori. Cucumber-Mint raita is a must-have as well.