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Mar 30, 2010 08:56 AM

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Vietnam: Central Highlands

Was it just me or did this episode not really focus on food>Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Vietnam: Central Highlands? It lost interest about the half-way mark. Terrible episode.

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  1. I am in complete agreement with you. Although I am a big AB fan and love NR, I felt it seemed more like one of those Bizarre Food shows with that Zimmeran guy.

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      I think since NR has done several Vietnam shows they were trying to bring a different angle this time. It definitely lacked the wow factor in regards to the food that the other episodes had but I found some aspects entertaining (the gross-out factor not being one of them).

    2. well thats too bad to hear. We only watched a bit at the beginning and it seemed to be okay. I was interested in what would happen with the veggie food portion of the show as it seemed like it was going to be Buddhist nuns.

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        It was Buddhist nuns, but the segment felt rushed. AB and his buddy were making small talk amongst themselves while the nun was sitting there bored out of her mind. The food was definitely secondary to the chatter.

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          too bad. Buddhist food can be fascinating.

          I wonder if Bourdain is running out of places to visit and thats why he is having the do-overs? Anyone got a list of all the places he has gone for No Reservations?

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            There's a list of places on the Travel Channel website for NR. I don't think Bourdain has been to central vietnam before. The other episodes were different regions of Vietnam. Even though he has been to most of the major countries/cities around the world I'm sure there are plenty of places he hasn't been. He could probably do another 10 episodes just on the different regional cuisines in China alone.

            Then again I get the feeling that NR will probably be ending pretty soon with him having a family and all that now. Would be interesting to know how many more episodes he's contracted to do.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Vitenam is AB's favorite place, which explains why he's done three episodes there now. Having been there myself, and going again this year, I was pretty excited about seeing this episode. I wasn't that impressed. Apart from the occasional bits, this season has been a big let down and I probably won't be that disappointed if it's his last.

          I thought the card product placement bit was funny, because there's no way a place like that would take credit cards in reality. But, I know, it has to be pretended as it funds the show.

          1. Bumping this thread because I just saw the episode, last night.

            I have to say I liked it more than the people on this thread. Although I didn't think it was a great episode, I thought it had great moments and beautiful cinematography. The stop at the duck restaurant had me drooling all over the remote. I would kill for a bowl of that porridge with duck offal. The Bun oc looked fantastic and I understand Mr. Bourdain's enthusiasm for the dish. The bird/insect restaurant was certainly interesting. The dishes all looked really intersting. The banh cuon (another dish I love) place looked amazing, but I could have done without the bug eating. I thought Ha (sp?) was really charming, even in the cock restaurant obligatory drunk scene. The tourism segments were quite informative as well.

            What I really didn't like was how they completely screwed-up the scene with the buddhist nuns. I don't know what happened for that scene not to take off, but maybe it should have been left on the cutting room floor. Same goes for the really, really stupid attempt at re-creating the Squeezle incident. What a shitty idea and what a shitty segment. And to look at how it was edited and listening to the voice-over, I'm pretty certain that Mr. Bourdain was not very happy with the whole thing. It ended on such a flat note.

            All this to say, I didn't think it was terrible. It was good, with some great bits and really terrible ones.

            And a message to the producers if ever they read this. If you can't afford to put a Who song in your show, please spare us the pastiche. Maybe you thought it worked, and I know sometimes it does. But this time it didn't. It just felt cheap. Otherwise, keep up the (mostly) good work.