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Mar 30, 2010 08:41 AM

Frustrated in Rockville -- why can't I get a decent deli sandwich?

Ok, maybe we're looking in the wrong places but as a New Yorker, I am used to a certain type of deli sandwich -- one with decent bread/roll, maybe Boar's Head Cold Cuts, not the crap I've gotten in these deli/beer/wine stores. Got a roast beef on a roll on Sunday and it did me nasty the rest of the night. The roll was awful, almost like a hot dog roll, and the meat was bleh, couldn't taste the swiss.

Can anyone direct me where to go to find a decent deli sandwich?

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  1. It's like NY pizza, it isn't there. Attman's in Baltimore.

    1. Bradley Food and Beveage in Bethesda used to make a pretty good sandwich. I haven't been there in years though, so I'm not sure how it's held up.

      1. Well unfortunately your first mistake was getting food at a beer and wine store. Those stores only have food because the law states that a certain percentage of their sales must come from food. I wouldn't expect anything good from one of them.

        Try Woodside Deli in Germantown or Royal Bagel Bakery & Deli in Germantown, MD as well. If you want a real deli sandwich go to a real deli. There are plenty of good New York Style Delis in the Rockville area run by some good Jewish families.

        Woodside Deli
        13048 Middlebrook Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

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          The bread throughout the area that's used on sandwichs' is perfectly awful. If you want something really awful try and order a meatball hero on italian. It's like eating meatballs on a loaf of Wonder bread. Halfway through and the sauce has turned the bread into something that resembles a waterlogged sponge. On the plus side, Vaccaro's for one uses a tasty, firm and somewhat crusty bread for their sandwich.

          1. re: michael4ny

            I'm fairly certain that there is varying quality of bread in this metro area of 7 million. I've had great bread (French roll at Boulevard Deli in Mclean comes to mind) and terrible bread.

            1. re: michael4ny

              Vaccaro's? I've never known them to offer anything that wasn't pastry related. Do you mean Vace?

              1. re: Jason1

                Yes...that's exactly what I meant (Vace). My mistake

            2. re: vtHokies98

              "There are plenty of good New York Style Delis in the Rockville area run by some good Jewish families"

              I would be very, very eager to hear about these. Can you be specific?

              1. re: Pappy

                me too. please...i'll put my own cheese on the sandwich lol

              2. re: vtHokies98

                Agree with Royal Bakery in Germantown. I've never had a bad sandwich there. And they have sugar free Dr. Brown's cream soda, usually.

              3. Brooklyn's in Travilah shopping center is the best around the Rockville area, IMO

                1. I too live in Rockville and in the 15+ years of living here, I have found no decent deli. You can get Boars Head meats at Giant Grocery stores. If you're looking for anything remotely comparable to NY deli, you're going to have to get on I-95 and head north for approximately 225 miles.........

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                    or head 35 miles up 95 to Baltimore to Attman's which is very comparable to NYC delis: