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Mar 30, 2010 07:55 AM

Wine Pairing for Halibut

I will be making a pan-roasted halibut with pecan-basil pesto this evening. What wine pairing would you recommend? I was thinking a white burgundy (chablis maybe)? Any recommendations for specific wines in the $20 range would be much appreciated.... Thanks!

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  1. Chablis would likely work though the pesto opens the door to more southerly whites like those from Provence, Corsica, the Languedoc, Italy and Spain. Some in your price range that I've enjoyed recently are:
    - Bandol, Domaine de l'Olivette
    - Côtes de Province,Château La Tour de l'Évêque
    - Coteaux du Languedoc, Château St-Martin de la Garrigue
    - Costières de Nîmes "Les galets dorés," Château Morgues du Grès
    - Orvieto "San Giovanni della Sala," Antinori
    - Penedès, "Fransola," Torres (mostly Sauvignon Blanc)
    - Soaves from Pieropan and Imana
    - Limoux, Domaine de Mouscaillo (an excellent Chardonnay)