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Mar 30, 2010 07:33 AM

Brunch in LIC or Astoria

Does anyone have any recommendations for LIC/Astoria restaurants that serve Sunday brunch? I was interested in Sage General Store, but apparently they're closed every Sunday.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

Sage General Store
24-20 Jackson Ave, Queens, NY 11101

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  1. Hi hazelnut_spread,

    I always enjoy La Tournesol for brunch. Last I checked, they open at 11:30AM on weekends. I like the quiche, the pommes frites, other egg dishes and really just about everything there.


    Glendale is hungry...

    50-12 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101

    1. Cafe Henri is a solid brunch spot.

      1. Tournesol in LIC is very good for traditional brunch items. For Astoria, my favorite brunch (heck, any meal) is at Vesta (way west on 30th Ave at 21st St). Was just there over the weekend, and they are still rolling out amazing food. Also, Cafe Bar on 34th Ave recently reopened after a renovation and I had brunch there this weekend and found the food to be even better than before. The ricotta pancakes with lemon butter were excellent.

        50-12 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11101

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          All above good plus Brick in Astoria, great all around.

        2. For something more traditional, Sanford's on Broadway and 30th Street. Good value and they play jazz music.