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Mar 30, 2010 07:28 AM

passover appetizers for a bridal shower?

My good friend has asked me to provide an appetizer for her daughter's bridal shower this coming Saturday at her home. (her daughter is converting to Judaism, and the in-law-to-be guests who will be there are Jewish). As it is during passover, she is avoiding the big no-nos such as bread or other grains, and of course non-kosher foods such as pork or shellfish, etc. Neither I nor my friend whose house this will be hosted in is Jewish, and our kitchens are not kosher for passover, but that's been confirmed as ok with the guests.

I was thinking of deviled eggs (Parsi eggs in fact) but wondered if that was too "Easter-y"? Any suggestions for elegant, preferably room temperature, appetizers?

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  1. As jewish person, I would not be offended by deviled eggs. In fact I love them although I don't know what Parsi eggs are. If you want to do something on a cracker they do make kosher for passover matzo crackers. You could do cream cheese with lox on them.
    Another idea would be to stuff mushrooms (no breadcrumbs but you could use matzo meal). Try surfing the web for passover recipes.

    1. Actually, I serve deviled eggs at my seders, as eggs are one of the Passover symbols of Springtime. Some other thoughts--

      Dates, split, seeded, stuffed with fresh chevre and a sprinkling of crushed pistachios are always a hit.

      Endive leaves filled with a mixture of grated parmesean, pear, pecans, celery, bound with lemon mayo.

      Stuffed mushrooms (sub nuts or matzoh meal for bread crumbs) are fine at room temp if you use a spinach-based stuffing with some feta and dill.

      veggies with a nice dip, maybe a smoked salmon one.

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        cool, thanks. Love the idea of the dates! And glad to hear that deviled eggs are ok; the Parsi ones are very good (avocado, cilantro, jalepeno and a bit of honey)

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          Turns out my friend was planning on deviled eggs herself so I made these dates stuffed with pistachios and goat cheese. They are awesome. Thanks!

        2. I agree about the deviled eggs...great call for an afternoon shower in general and the fact that eggs factor symbolically into Passover is a bonus.