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Mar 30, 2010 06:48 AM

Restaurants near Intercourse, PA

Will be staying Memorial Day weekend at Kitchen Kettle Village. Most restaurants I've reviewed seemed to be buffets and PA Dutch type menus.

We might like something on the Saturday evening with a broader menu than just PA Dutch - fine dining would be great.

Any suggestions?

Also, where is good for breakfast and lunch (or brunch) on Sunday in that area.

Kitchen Kettle Village
RR 340, Intercourse, PA 17534

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  1. Possibly the nearest place would be Restaurant Mazzi in Leola
    There are also a number of fine dining places in Lancaster city and environs that I'm sure others will reccomend

    1. The Iron Horse is a few miles away in Strasburg. Their tomato soup is good.

      As for brunch, Willow Valley ( has a nice all-around selection and is nearby. But if you don't mind driving or tiny restaurants, try Rachel's Creperie or Wish You Were Here (, both in Downtown Lancaster. Ida's Cafe in Roherstown is fantastic too.

      1. Or, in the heart of the outlet area, you might want to try Olive & Jasmine Asian Bistro. It's tucked into the back of the "strip mall" that houses Applebee's, Fudruckers, and a rib/burger place.

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          Just FYI, none of the places listed here are what I would call nearby to Intercourse, especially in Memorial Day weekend traffic. Willow Valley is a good half-hour drive and downtown Lancaster maybe a little less.

          1. re: Vladimir Estragon

            Mazzi is only 15 mins. away, and easy to get to by going 772 almost the entire way. If the OP doesn't want to come into Lancaster City, it should be the hand's down first choice for fine dining.

            As far as breakfast is concerned, if there is one area that we 'Dutchys' excel, it is in an exceptionally hearty breakfast, so just go for it and indulge yourself in the carb and fat overload. If you do it right, you won't need to eat again for about 12 hrs. ;)

        2. Refer to this recent topic about downtown Lancaster dining.

          1. If you want a break from the Amish head to the Susquehannah River on Hwy 30 and the Accomac Inn. The restaurant is on the west bank of the river and has a colonial history literally back to George Washington. It is also a James Beard winner. The food is sophisticated, expensive and worth every penny. Check it out at It's going to be a half hour drive to get there but how much shoo fly pie and fudge can you take?

            Accomac Inn
            PO Box 127, Wrightsville, PA 17368

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            1. re: oakcrown

              Honestly, you don't have to leave Lancaster to get food just as great as what they serve at Accomac. Not to say it isn't good, but it is "old school" - not new and inventive, and going to Mazzi, John J. Jeffries, Fenz, Effie Ophelia, Gibralter, The Belvidere, Carr's, and if you really like old school go to The Stockyard -- really, there is actually lots of great food in Lancaster. It is hardly all shoo fly pie and fudge -- I am soooo sick of that representation of Lancaster.

              Effie Ophelia
              230 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603

              1. re: centralpadiner

                Let me second what centralpadiner has said. The problem is there is very little that is CH-worthy really close to where you are staying. Please take my word for it - Lancaster is not far from the Kitchen Kettle, and definitely a lot closer than going all the way to the river. Many of the places cantralpadiner mentions have been reviewed, or at least recommended, other times on CH.

                1. re: jfr

                  Should you find yourself with appetite for still more "country" cooking I'd recommend Dienner's Country Restaurant which is in Ronks on Hwy 30 (Lincoln Hwy). Close to Bird In Hand, near a store called the Outhouse etc. Bearing in mind that we're tourists from the north (Canada) we considered it to be a taste of home cooked Amish food. We went for a weekday breakfast, and chose the buffet of fresh and hot local favourites, but you can add a cooked to order egg for only 25 cents, or choose from the menu. Coffee, tea incl, for only $6. Kids pay by age. Kids under 12? are charged by age. I think our 10 year old was only $4.50. Servers were Amish women in trad. dress, and we were seated near locals who were their family members. Not a huge buffet, but delicious. Imagine their lunch and dinner (menu and buffet) are similar. I read that in busy times (which it was not in late August during the week) that they'll give you a pager so you can shop at the Outhouse etc. and they'll beep you when your table is ready. OK so they're not old order Amish but the food really schmecks!

                  1. re: dory

                    The servers are not Amish, they are Mennonite or members of another "plain" sect. You will not find Amish women working in restaurants. Almost all PA Dutch restaurants in the area are run or owned by Mennonite families. A lot of people like Dienners, I just didn't want someone to be disappointed expecting Amish servers. There was just a very long discussion about this same topic on TripAdvisor