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Mar 30, 2010 06:14 AM

Ratcheting Up the Matzo Ball

I had a spectacular version of the matzo ball, a Lithuanian recipe (so the cook claims) that is stuffed with meat, a liver mixture I think. Unbelievably delicious. Does anyone have such a recipe? These are not boiled but steamed over a bed of carrots lightly dusted with brown sugar.

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  1. I think Joan Nathan has a recipe similar to this but, in all honesty, reading "liver stuffed" would be a reason for me to turn the page.

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      Ok, than think some other meat stuffed. Could be sirloin based.

    2. We used to have these sometimes when I was younger- I don't think there was a specific recipe, just use your normal matzo ball recipe, possibly slightly denser if you normally go for ultra-fluffy. Make a (pre-cooked) stuffing of meat, onions, diced veggies, whatever else you want to season it with, and then stuff the kneydlekh as you form them: with wet hands, make the ball, them make an indentation, put some stuffing, and seal it up well/roll it a bit. We boiled them this way-- I imagine steaming would work too, but they might end up flat on the bottom.

      Btw the liver filling sounds like something similar to German Leberknödel- in fact, matzo balls are really just the same thing as German knödel anyway, just made with matzo meal instead of bread. Leberknödel isn't usually stuffed inside a bread Knödel, but you could look at a Leberknödel recipe if you do want liver filling!