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Best place for dinner in Red Bank?

My best friend and I are meeting the other girls at Nauvoo (spelling?) in Fair Haven for drinks tonight and we thought we'd do dinner beforehand in Red Bank. What do you think is our best bet? We could go any way in terms of cuisine. Thanks! I haven't been steered wrong by your knowledge yet.

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  1. Check out "Red", I like it. You can look for the comments in Chowhound regarding Red. Have fun!

      1. Michele - Stay out of Nauvoo. Bad scene. Stick with Red and The Downtown in Red Bank.

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          I didn't pick Nauvoo. What's the problem with it? Now I'm scared! (And curious!). I've eaten there in the past, not in about two years. I wasn't impressed but wasn't terribly offended either...

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            I don't see any problem with it, especially if you are just going for drinks. Pretty enough place.

        2. There is a lot of prix fixe value to be had in downtown Red Bank the next two days:


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            This is perfect! Thanks so much for the info.

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              The Bistro on Broad St. is great for dinner. We like the sushi and Asain Caesar Salad. Teak is really popular for their lounge. Packed last time I was there, but that was a Saturday night. Know that The Downtown has a big singles crowd. I'd skip Fair Haven and meet in Red Bank (Teak or Downtown) for drinks, stay for dinner, or walk to the Bistro. Have fun!

          2. Dish on 13 White Street is an excellent BYOB choice for downtown Red Bank. We have eaten there a half dozen times over the past year and never disappointed.


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              I agree with Jerzey and RGR's recommendations. Either Dish or the Bar at Nicholas are the way to go. Good Luck.

            2. Geez, as I read this I am reminded that most of the downtown Red Bank restaurants (not including Nicholas) are either overrated or just not that great. Eurasian Eatery is my personal favorite and Dish is pretty. The Bistro, Red, Downtown and several more all fall into the "disappointing" category....

              Eurasian Eatery
              110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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                I wouldn't exactly call The Bistro overrated as it's not going to cost you an 'arm & a leg' to dine; it's a BYO and the food isn't bad at all. Good sushi. The Asian salad is a favorite and they do make nice personal pizzas.

                We go for the casual end of it, with not a lot of focus on having a gourmand meal. And I can bring a family of 4 there (adult kids) and still not drop a hundred. To this writer, that's a good deal.

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                  I think Bistro is overrated because too many people I know or read or talk to think it's good ("isn't all that bad"?!?!?!?!)... but I disagree and have rarely if ever enjoyed it. Overrated doesn't just have to mean expensive.

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                    I generally have issues with places that try to do every style of cuisine but are mediocre at best. Not interested in Blackened Chicken Fried Sushi Tostadas served of e pasta with Caribbean Jerk Style Curried Tofu.

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                  aklein - Notwithstanding Seal's excellent recap of the Red Bank options, I too am disappointed with the lack of quality dining in downtown Red Bank. But for Dish, I am hard pressed to recommend any restaurant in that town. I know it's a little off topic, but I feel the same way about Asbury Park. So many restaurants but so few good ones. In a word, disappointing.

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                    bgut -- have you tried Eurasian Eatery? I have gone for nearly 20 years and have always been happy with the eclectic menu and still reasonable prices (though that, too, has grown over the years)... I will admit that it's not for everyone and certainly doesn't serve one of everything like the Bistro or The Letdown, er, Downtown

                    Eurasian Eatery
                    110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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                      aklein - Due in most part to the uniformly positive reviews on this site, I have at times considered dining at EE. However, I must admit not being able to get past the "eclectic" menu. There is very little if anything that sounds appetizing to me. Honestly, what is it with this restaurant? It's mostly vegetarian but they throw in some meat dishes just for good measure. They seem to be experiencing an identity crisis. Sorry but I doubt I will risk a night out for EE.

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                        bgut... My best explanation is that EE is not to be considered a vegetarian but one with many vegetarian offerings. Hey, if it's not appetizing to you then that's all that matters. You will not find the fine dining experience of Nicholas or several others but a casual, sometimes cramped dining room instead.
                        I am definitely not a vegetarian but have only had a meat dish there a handful of times over the years. The eclectic food (and BYO opportunity) does appeal to me and, while I don't know you personally, I would recommend EE to anyone with the caveat that you may not like it. If one is willing to make a special trip to try Ibby's, Super Pollo II, 10th Avenue Burrito, Boom... then there's no reason not to at least try EE. But if the menu just doesn't interest you, then so be it. I am not endorsing EE as the best place in the world to eat and admit that it's not always consistent, especially on the meat side, but we enjoy it when in the mood for something different, especially in RB where my aforementioned opinions of the restaurants there keep me from most of the establishments (though my interest is now piqued by North of the Border and Willy's)... If you try EE, I hope you enjoy... if not, I can appreciate your hesitation. It's not for everyone.

                        North of the Border
                        176 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

                        Super Pollo II
                        2770 Hooper Ave, Brick, NJ 08723

                        1. re: aklein

                          Thanks aklein. I appreciate the explanation as well your understanding.

                    2. re: bgut1

                      bgut - I feel the same disappointment. It seems even worse as some of these places actually started out showing great potential then turned towards mediocrity - where they seem to have settled.

                      On the bright side, the poor economy has kept lots of specials/deals in place. Somehow my disappointment is usually mitigated when I can say, "Well, at least it only cost us . . . " One quick example would be the Teak everything half-priced mondays.

                  2. Another vote for Dish. It can get noisy at primetime, but the food is very good.

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                    1. re: scarlet knight

                      To start with, let me say that I love Red Bank. Growing up in Lincroft it was always a treat when my family spent a Friday or Saturday night walking the streets and shopping for records and what have you. And food was always a big part of the trip.

                      Clearing the nostalgic haze from my eyes and being as objective as I can, I am still thinking about all the good food there is today in Red Bank. So I present what I hope will be the start of a list of the best in town:

                      Nicholas - Any list of the best of Red Bank has to start here. The main room is as fine a dining experience as any I've had, and the bar remains one of my favorite last minute indulgences.

                      Dish - Just really good food. Small and a bit noisy at times, but consistent and reasonable for a nice night out.

                      Red - My go to place in town for dinner. Always good, solid food and a great atmosphere as well.

                      The Bistro - Another winner for dinner. We love to mix and match a bunch of things. The sushi is not Nobu, but is always fresh and well prepared and the other food makes an interesting mix of tastes.

                      Eurasian Eatery - Homey and warm to be in with very good food. A great place to sit with friends you want to talk to and eat with for the night.

                      North of the border - Perhaps the best authentic Mexican food in Monmouth County. Not for the white tablecloth crowd at all, or even the sit comfortably for an hour or two crowd, but oh so good.

                      Willy's - When I want a cheesesteak and don't want to make the trek to Philly, this is where I go.

                      Hot Dog Man - This little hole in the wall not only has a great old character serving excellent hot dogs, but surprisingly has some of the best homemade soups around.

                      The In-Between Cafe - After all these years, still one of my favorite spots to have breakfast or lunch. Just writing this reminds me I am long overdue for a visit.

                      The Dublin House - Speaking of breakfasts, they have a full English breakfast here that even has a fat guy like me hard pressed to finish it. I also enjoy sitting outside and having a beer with friends here. Not surprisingly, they also make a very good fish and chips.

                      La Pastaria - Ok, we have too many red sauce joints in NJ, I know. But they continue to pull me back in here with solid, dependable food.

                      Teak - For drinks and a nibble this is where I like to be. The drinks are top notch and I really like the atmosphere. True, it has way to much of a singles scene for an old family man like me, and I don't care for their main courses, but that's not why I go there.

                      I plan on picking this up later as I have to run, but I am still far from done on my list of positives in Red Bank.

                      Eurasian Eatery
                      110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

                      La Pastaria Restaurant
                      30 Linden Pl, Red Bank, NJ 07701

                      1. re: seal

                        I know Nicholas uses a Red Bank address, but isn't it across the Navesink and therefore in Middletown. Certainly, 25 years ago that stretch of 35 was in the jurisdiction of the Middletown PD (caught hitchiking a couple times and always dropped off at the south foot of the bridge - you know "the end of town."). Yeah, it doesn't matter at all, but it drives me nuts!

                        1. re: MGZ

                          You're absolutely correct, MGZ. It is in Middletown. And I always think of it as being in Middletown. But since it is on the very border of Red Bank, I guess Nicholas felt having that address would give the restaurant more panache, so he prevailed upon the powers-that-be to assign the RB address.

                          1. re: RGR

                            i agree wholeheartedly....Red Bank "sounds" classier that Middletown and will bring more out-of-towners.

                            1. re: RGR

                              While that area of Middletown feeds into the Middletown school district, it has Red Bank's zip code.

                              1. re: NoraG

                                Yes, it's the whole zip code thing that throws people off. Red bank mailing addresses go all the way up to Whole Foods (We used to own the Dairy Queen in there and we had a red bank zip).

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                                  Thanks for all the input, by the way. We went to Dish and LOVED it! Will return with the hubby, definitely! And btw, Nauvoo was a fine scene as well. Just drinks near the fire on a cold rainy night.

                                  1. re: MichelleM131

                                    That fireplace at Nauvoo is a beauty. The food. Meh.

                                    1. re: RGR

                                      yeah, completely great bar/fireplace area... but what a disappointment when you get past the drinks

                                    2. re: MichelleM131

                                      Happy you enjoyed Dish. I was there on the 31st, the last day for prix-fixe for the month of March. It was loaded with locals and both the food portions and quality remain consistent. The waitresses work very hard and manage to stay pleasant....can someone tell me it they take donation dishes? Everytime I go, there are more and more on the walls. I have a few I'd like to unload :)

                              2. re: seal

                                OK, Seal, and all you RB aficionados!

                                I, too, lived in Lincroft and spent many 1960s teen-age afternoons and evenings in Red Bank. In fact, my father owned the restaurant at 7 Front St., which was called Mort's Corner.

                                I'm returning for the first time in 40 years, for my 40th high school reunion, in October. It's also my 24th wedding anniversary. Should my husband & I eat at the French restaurant that now occupies my father's old spot?

                                Where should we eat? Replies here or: jmback52@gmail.com


                                1. re: jmback52

                                  Hello jmback52 and welcome back!

                                  Unfortunately, there is no good french food in Red Bank. I would try to make a reservation asap at Dish. If Dish is not to your liking, you may want to try Red. And there is always Nicholas, either at the bar or in the main room.

                            2. Getting past all the hype...I have to go with Eurasian Eatery as well. I can never ever go there without ordering the Szechuan Dumpling Salad (Buckwheat dumplings, crispy green peppers, radishes and soy nuts in a chile oil vinaigrette). My other favorites are the Chicken Cordon Bleu Dumplings and Black Bean Moussaka. This place simply "is what it is", no frills, adequate service and really one of the most value priced eateries around. The Bistro IMO also delivers a solid performance, though at times a little crazy at the door...never quite sure why?

                              Eurasian Eatery
                              110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701