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Mar 30, 2010 05:11 AM

Best place for dinner in Red Bank?

My best friend and I are meeting the other girls at Nauvoo (spelling?) in Fair Haven for drinks tonight and we thought we'd do dinner beforehand in Red Bank. What do you think is our best bet? We could go any way in terms of cuisine. Thanks! I haven't been steered wrong by your knowledge yet.

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  1. Check out "Red", I like it. You can look for the comments in Chowhound regarding Red. Have fun!

      1. Michele - Stay out of Nauvoo. Bad scene. Stick with Red and The Downtown in Red Bank.

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        1. re: Papa Bing

          I didn't pick Nauvoo. What's the problem with it? Now I'm scared! (And curious!). I've eaten there in the past, not in about two years. I wasn't impressed but wasn't terribly offended either...

          1. re: MichelleM131

            I don't see any problem with it, especially if you are just going for drinks. Pretty enough place.

        2. There is a lot of prix fixe value to be had in downtown Red Bank the next two days:

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            This is perfect! Thanks so much for the info.

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              The Bistro on Broad St. is great for dinner. We like the sushi and Asain Caesar Salad. Teak is really popular for their lounge. Packed last time I was there, but that was a Saturday night. Know that The Downtown has a big singles crowd. I'd skip Fair Haven and meet in Red Bank (Teak or Downtown) for drinks, stay for dinner, or walk to the Bistro. Have fun!

          2. Dish on 13 White Street is an excellent BYOB choice for downtown Red Bank. We have eaten there a half dozen times over the past year and never disappointed.


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              I agree with Jerzey and RGR's recommendations. Either Dish or the Bar at Nicholas are the way to go. Good Luck.