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Mar 30, 2010 04:55 AM

Pastiera - Italian Easter cake

Neapolitan Pastiera, a traditional Italian Easter cake. Every family in Naples prepares one during Holy Week to be eaten on Easter day.
My family recipe, in English, you can be found here:

Happy Easter! :)

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  1. That looks so delicious, I make something similar we call Grain Pie. Your translation says Pasta, not Pie, if I get some time soon I will see how your website works to change it. Thanks for sharing all your delicious recipes.

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    1. re: coll

      If I want to avoid canned cooked wheat,how can I do this recipe ? and where do I obtain the products here on Long Island? Thanks

      1. re: scunge

        I've been using canned the last few times, but this time of year DelFiore in Patchogue always had a bin of grain for sale at the counter. It's just wheatberries anyway, which you can get at any health food store. Of course you have to soak it overnight first, and boil for 20 to 30 minutes before adding to the pie.

        1. re: scunge

          Sorry but my English is bad. Do you want to make homemade cooked wheat?

          You can buy canned cooked wheat here:

          How to make homemade:

          Put 250 grams of grain to soak in cold water for 5 days, renewing a couple of times.
          Rinse corn. Put plenty of water completely covering the grain of 5 fingers, bring to boil and throw the corn, cook for 1 hour covered.
          Putting a lid on tight cloth or blanket and leave for 4 hours.
          Open the pot and add more water, covering plenty of corn, bring on the heat and cook for 3 / 4 hours over low heat, covered.
          Check if you need to add more water and if still hot.
          After cooking the corn is drained well, if she stayed in the water, and weighed.
          Then proceed to cooking with milk, as described in my recipe.
          (Sorry, used a translator because I do not have time to translate everything. If something is unclear tell me.)

          1. re: cosmopolita

            thank you,

            'corn' is correct in Italy and much of Europe where the major crop is called corn; not so in the USA where Indian corn or maize is called corn. you need to replace the word corn with wheat or winter berries.

        2. re: coll

          "Your translation says Pasta, not Pie"

          The name of this sweet is "pastiera." The recipe correctly translates "pasta frolla" -- the crust -- as short pastry. "Pasta" can be translated many ways, including "pastry." The translation is quite good, and I almost NEVER approve of an Italian translation especially of a recipe. I just had a piece of real Neapolitan pastiera and I'm still happy.

          1. re: mbfant

            So it IS grain pie? I'm making some myself this weekend!! Now I can use the real name, I always thought Grain Pie was so plain.