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Mar 30, 2010 01:38 AM

Child's birthday on friday

i'm cooking for a small birthday party for a 2yo on friday. would prefer no meat. will be coming to my house for lunch after a morning of fun. make ahead? crockpot?

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  1. how about mini veggie pizzas? calzones? kids love pizza, and you could prep everything ahead.

    1. Are you looking more for the parents or kids? A batch of homamade mac & cheese. You can prepare ahead, would just need bake it before serving. If you want to eat right away, go for dairy/brunch style, no cooking (deviled eggs, mini bagels & cream cheese (smoked salmon for adults), jello or marshmallow fruit salad, yogurt, mini muffins, carrot raisin salad, crockpot oatmeal for something hot, etc...things that appeal to both kids & parents)

      1. Tofu dogs. I made fancy meals for Lulu's first 2 birthdays and quickly learned that what she really wanted was a "hot dog party." With cake of course!

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          Hot dog party! That's a great idea for a kid's birthday. Reminds me of Dr. Seuss: "For birthday luncheons, as a rule, we eat hot dogs on a spool. So stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff until you've had enough."

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            if you go with hot dogs, cut them up really well:
            thinking about what my very picky almost two year old likes--she *loves* tofu, and my friend makes awesome tofu balls from a molly katzen recipe that could be a big hit with kids. she also loves quinoa, and a big quinoa pilaf could easily be made ahead (but will be a huge pain to clean up throughout your home).

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              Good point about the cutting - I always slice them down the middle. And lots of ketchup, mustard, etc. to dip stuff in for extra fun.

          2. I second Christina Mason's suggestion - you can buy small sized Boboli (two to a pack) and make cute little manageable pizzas. Simple toppings for kids that age - ours is an advanced vegetarian and likes sliced tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and sauteed spinach, but I don't think that's normal. A brushing with olive oil, sprinkle with garlic salt and oregano, topped with simple red sauce and then perhaps a yellow cheddar will probably go down like hotcakes.

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              Or make your own crust----it's way cheaper!

              A friend of mine made this recipe, and I loved it:

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                Boboli crusts, garlic salt & yellow cheddar - ugh! I'm sorry, but dumbing down food for kids is just wrong!

                1. re: lynnlato

                  Aw, really? "Dumb!?" The small-sized Boboli are cute and a five-year old (as happens in our house most Fridays) loves to put the sauce on toppings on for herself and it's the right size for her. The garlic salt and oregano give the ready-made crust more flavor, yellow Tillamook cheddar cheese is quite good, and with the other fresh toppings, the whole thing's nutritious. Works really well and is fun, without taking a lot of time on a work night.

                  1. re: rcallner

                    Forgive me, it's not so much the Boboli crusts... but I just can't imagine why you would use garlic salt and a "yellow cheddar" cheese. Different strokes I suppose.