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Need Help Please

Visiting son for a month who's stationed at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. From Chicago and we're half Greek/Polish. I've searched and searched and can't find a Greek bakery in Phoenix or Tucson. Is there any?
Also want to get deep dish pizza. A "REAL" Chicago deep dish. So can you guys help out with Greek and Chicago food. I know there's tons of people from Chicago who moved to Ariz because my Grandfather did and died there.
Thank You.

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  1. Also forgot to add good BBQ ribs.

    1. AJ's on Camelback and 44th carries frozen Gino's East pizzas. Haven't tried one myself yet, but I understand they heat up pretty darn well.

      Also, Rosati's (with which you're no doubt familiar) is all over the place out here, and they offer deep dish. Can't speak to its quality, but it appears to be the genuine article. Note that there are, oddly, two different Rosati's chains out here operating under the same name -- different branches of the family, perhaps? One offers deep dish and stuffed, the other just stuffed. Do a web search for Rosati's and you'll find two different websites, both of which list many locations in Phoenix and Tucson.

      Run screaming from "Uno's Chicago Grill". I've had the misfortune of tasting the deep dish from a couple different franchised locations. Let's just say that quality control obviously wasn't a concern.

      Chicago-style gyros places abound in my 'hood (Arcadia), but none are particularly good and I'd hesitate to call them "Greek", exactly. Plenty of Chicago-style hot dog places. And Al's just opened up a franchise in Scottsdale that's actually quite good.

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        Stop in at the Golden Greek on 35th Ave, north of Glendale. I've never had dessert there (couldn't ever eat another morsel), but if they don't bake in house I bet they could suggest someplace good and authentic that does.

        Golden Greek
        (602) 841-7849
        7126 N 35TH Ave
        Phoenix, AZ 85051

        Golden Greek
        7126 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

      2. The only real Chicago deep dish I have found is Vito's Pizza at 43rd Avenue and Northern in Glendale. It takes 45 minutes to get your pie, if you're lucky, but it's very much worth the wait. BYO if you're dining in.

        Vito's Pizza
        4318 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

        1. Chicagoman
          We're a greek family. I'll have to tell you that the pckigns are very slim in the Phoenix area. There are a few restaurants around town but none of them are really very good to be honest. Nothing to compare with what you're used to making at home or even what you can find in Greektown in your part of the world. We never go out for greek food here. There are no bakeries around here that I know of. THere are some good middle east stores where you can pick up grape leaves, phyllo, nice fetas, and other items to cook at home. A few of them make a decent baklava probably(I never buy this out so can't recommend one).

          Is there a particular item you're looking for? That might help point to something if it does exist here.

          WIsh I had better news for you but really, if you're looking for quality items for easter, you're really better off cooking yourself.

          Others have covered the pizza spectrum but did want to answer your bakery inquiry.

          Have a good visit. Kali Anastasi!

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            Thanks for the help so far. As far as the Greek food and more to the point as someone asked for. looking for: Baklava & Diples for desserts. Feta, Kasseri cheese to make Saganaki. Kalamata olives and Roditis wine. So a store to buy these items.

            A restaurant that also serves the same items along with lamb. Got to have lamb....mmmm. I called a Greek church in Tucson & Phoenix. Both don't know of any Greek bakery.

            Gino's East frozen pizza stinks. Anything frozen does. Also went to a Uno's Grill and was bad pizza. Called Uno's downtown Chicago which gave me another number. Short of it, those "outlet" restaurants have a totally different recipe than the two main rest. downtown. Maybe I'm asking the impossible here guys.

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              Diples? Sorry you're going to ve make those yourself! Even at the festivals here those aren't seen. Most of the middle eastern delis make baklava. I never buy it myself so don't know which make the best. Most of the grocery items you list can also be found at many of the middle eastern delis. do you know what part of town you're going to be in that we can point you to the closest?

              I know AJ's carries several Boutari wines. They should have Roditis but can't promise. You may want to call ahead to be sure.

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                Be staying on base in Sierra Vista with son, wife & grand-kids. He's getting 10 days off. Daughter in law has grandparents in Phoenix. So we'll be anywhere from point A from B.
                Tempe has a "Taste of Greece" April 30-May 2 which we're going to. But we need our "fix" between that time.

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                You can find kasseri cheese, feta, olives, and baklava @ Baiz Market.

                Baiz Market
                523 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ

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                  I feel your pain :) My husband calls me a pizza snob, as I'm always saying how crappy the pizza choice are here in AZ (also originally from Chicago). My husband found the answer...for one of our recent past anniversary's, he had a couple pizzas from Ginos in chicago shipped in.

                  As for Greek, I saw that there is a new market called the Olive Tree Mediterranean Market and Grill on Pinnacle just West of 19th Ave. Might be worth checking out...

              3. I'm not certainly not going to dissuade you from your quest to find "REAL" Chicago deep dish pizza ...

                ... but you're in Phoenix! Why not sample of the local flavors and specialties you cannot get back at home in Chicago?

                I mean, coming from Chicago, you can get all the deep dish pies you want back at home.

                If you're visiting Phoenix, why not try some Mexican or other local specialties like the fry bread, etc.

                Anyhow, just thought I'd throw my 0.02 in ... enjoy your stay.

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                  ipsedixit we are going to. I'm staying for a month. Son isn't coming back home after his service. Either staying there or Vegas. Or a year in Afghan making over $100 grand tax free. As far as the "Chicago" foods, yes I can get them everyday, I'm trying to find them for my son and his family. All we need is a White Castle and we're in business.

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                    And many thanks to your son for his service.

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                      Re: White Castle, somehow, I've never made it to the Chicago Hamburger Company, but, it might be worth checking out.


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                        No, no... you misunderstand... Chicago Hamburger Company actually serves food.

                        (Which isn't to suggest that I haven't consumed a few White Castles in my day :-)

                  2. Not as good as anything you can get in Chicago, but certainly the best Chicago style pizza I have found in Phoenix (and around the Valley and at least one in Tucson) is Oreganos.

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                      I'm also going to throw in Zachary's pizza in Tucson. Great deep-dish pies.

                    2. Haji Baba in Tempe has pretty good Baklava. The best I've ever had was made by my Cyprian roommate when we were in college together. Greek food here is lacking, although you can find a tasty enough Gyro around, though it's probably Kronos. Better to stick with Middle Eastern food I think. There's a "Mediterranean" restaurant called Byblos in Tempe that serves lamb. It's run by a family of older people (siblings maybe) and they can come off as...well....stern I guess. But the food is pretty good although a bit on the pricey side for the casual atmosphere.

                      There is a Polish bakery called Jana's in Phoenix at Cave Creek Rd. and Sweetwater. Near there at 32nd St. and Greenway is also a Polish deli called Best of Europe Meats and Deli where you can get all kinds of yummy deli meats to make sandwiches. They also sell sandwiches made on really good seedless, light rye bread from Jana's. Both places sell an assortment of imported European jarred foods - pickles, jams, etc.

                      Does Nello's Pizza serve deep dish? I haven't been there in ages, but I seem to remember them offering it.

                      1806 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282

                      1. Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli on 16th st--call before going, they have short hours.
                        Chicago Gyros at 48th and Indian school--a chain, but i had some yummy food there too.
                        If I were you I would learn to love a delicious taco or ten.....

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                          Thanks all for your help. Getting on a plane tomorrow morning. Sorry I missed spring training. Buy the outlook of weather looks great. Again thank you all the info. Opaa