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Tiramisu in Calgary?

  • alau2 Mar 29, 2010 10:05 PM
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Looking to pick up some tiramisu instead of a birthday cake for an office birthday to feed about 8-10 people. Where's the best place to get some? I can only think of Lina's... Anywhere else?

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  1. If you want closer to downtown - you might also try Giuseppes or Mercato. If you give them a day or two notice - I'm sure they could provide what ever size you needed.
    Too bad you want to bypass the cake route...Siuseppes has a chocolate ganache thing that is to die for...and I'm not a huge chocolate fan. Check it out for another time.

    1. Olives has really good tiramisu. Not sure if they have out in the "to go" area but I'm sure you can call to ask.

      1. I would call REA's and ask them... They make my hands down favourite Tiramisu in town