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Risotto with Frozen Peas?

Any one tried?

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  1. One of my favorites in risotto with frozen peas, mushrooms and coconut milk....

    1. All the time. Frozen peas are great. Sweeter than the so-called "fresh" English peas in pods in markets, unless you're getting ones that have just been picked from a farmers' market. They lose their sweetness so quickly. The frozen ones are flash-frozen within minutes after picking.
      I throw them in frozen and the heat of the dish defrosts and heats them through. That's all the cooking they need.

      1. I always keep a bag of frozen peas in the freezer. I am always throwing in a handful into something. Be sure to throw them in the last 5 minutes or so. not before.

        1. As others have said, frozen peas are probably the best frozen vegetable of all. You can almost never get the fresh variety of such high quality unless you grow them yourself and serve them within an hour of harvesting. I've not only tried it in risotto -- it's the only way I ever have peas in any dish period, except for the week or two they're ready in my garden.

          1. The main thing here is to not overcook them. When I use them in risotto, I add them at the last minute. I recently made an artichoke and pea risotto. IMO, one of the most wonderful spring meals!

            1. Works well. Defrost first. Frozen are always better than fresh unless you can get fresh that's really fresh (like visiting the "pick your own" farm)

              1. Look for the baby peas -- even sweeter and more tender and the same price.

                1. another vote for frozen peas. i don't defrost and add them at the last second. the residual heat will thaw them. if using in pasta, i put them in the colander and drain the hot water over them to de-ice. works great and they are not over-cooked.

                  fresh peas are fleeting here in new england. i always have bags of peas in the freezer.

                  1. I've done it many times. Just throw the peas in at the end so they heat thru but don't lose their color. My favorite is with pancetta or prosciutto and peas and parmesan cheese.


                    1. Always...Usually give them a short trip in the microwave, then toss them in toward the end. A little crumbled bacon too

                      1. Thanks everyone! Tried it last night, worked great!