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Mar 29, 2010 07:23 PM

suggestions in and around mystic connecticut-

im heading there friday for 4 days. im looking for something different for lunch-dinner than the usual mystic offerings that ive been to-margarita's,s and p,rice spice noodles,peking tokyo.

the type of food doesnt matter as long as it isnt too hot and spicy. im looking for inexpensive to moderate prices,with one expensive meal ( like s and p prices)

no chain restaurants or casino dining unless it happens to be exceptional.

has anyone been to the ancient mariner,daniel packer,anthony j's? i was told to check those out.

ive been to azu and thought it was highly overrated.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Breakfast/Lunch: Somewhere in Time
    Lunch: Capt. Scott's Lobster Dock (New London)
    Dinner: Tony D's (New London), Bravo (Mystic), Olio (Groton), Noah's (Stonington Borough), Seahorse (Noank), Paul's Pasta (Groton)

    Paul's Pasta Shop
    223 Thames St, Groton, CT 06340

    Tony D's
    92 Huntington St, New London, CT 06320

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      thank you for the suggestions.

      ive been to somewhere in time and while it was good, i think its overrated and its off the beaten path. id rather go to kitchen little instead or even to equinox diner next to the hojo's in mystic off 95..

      bravo bravo,olios and azu are all owned by the CLK restaurant group btw.i was told that bravo is the best of the three.

      saw noah's when i was in stonington last year. looked interesting but may not have the time to get there on this trip.

      i was at the seahorse ages ago-it was pretty good.

      ill check out capt scotts lobster doeck in NL as abbotts gets worse and worse each year-overpriced tourist trap.

      ill post back after my trip.


    2. Just got home from Olio in Groton. Fantastic service and very very good food. 4 people split three appetizers. Steak Brusscetta was amazing. It seemed like filet on top of baguette slices with amazing mushrooms and a deliscious sauce. Lobeter Rangoons with a ponzo sauce. Sauce was amazing salad with it was good, rangoons were ok. Cod cake with black bean salsa was ok. Every one at the table had the specials of house made scallop gnocci with diver scallops, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, & madeira sauce. Absolutely amazing some of the best gnocci I have ever had. The ladies in the party ended the night with a chocolate cake shot (50% frangelica & 50% vanilla stoli). Great meal & great service. Can't tell you the cost because our friends picked up the bill despite many attempts to not allow that to happen. It was my wife's birthday and it went perfectly. Must have been 10 birthdays in the restuarant while we were there.

      If I had to find two things wrong, I would say, they need to play some tunes and the grind on their fresh cracked pepper mill needs to be finer. If those are your two biggest concerns you know you have had a good night!

      1. We travel down to Mystic on a regular basis and have found a hidden gem, only about 5 miles from downtown Mystic. It is a small country inn (9 or 10 rooms) with a fabulous restaurant. Although the rustic granite walls and large fireplace setting, and the excellent service were enough to keep us coming back, it's the Chef who is really amazing. Not sure of his name, but we have been there with 4 of the pickiest (sp?) eaters and everyone walked away saying it was one of the best meals they have ever had. With a good menu selection at very competitive prices (my favorite is the Chateaubriand for two), there is always something else that we want to try, including some great fish of the day specials. And for once, we can choose from a good wine list that doesn't try to rip you off with the prices. And on top of that all, we found out that they have this great room & dinner one night special that saves you some money. We can't wait to go back in the spring time to see these great gardens that we keep hearing about. Has anyone seen the gardens or the firepit in the summer? We highly recommend Stonecroft. (ps - we also love the food at Olio's in Groton, just a little crowded).

        Stonecroft Country Inn
        515 Pumpkin Hill Rd, Ledyard, CT 06339