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Mar 29, 2010 07:05 PM

Russo's has morels

Bought excellent morels a few days ago. Steep: $24.99 a pound. Beautiful, clean and fresh.

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  1. Any idea where they came from? Seems like those are a little early, but maybe that's the result of a mild winter? Very exciting news, that means spring is here!

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    1. re: hckybg

      The ones today were from Turkey and $39.99 per lb - and kind of sad and moldy looking...

      1. re: rlh

        What should one look for when buying morels? I'm a noob when it comes that particular fungus.

        1. re: ecwashere7

          Well, they are always a little odd looking, but they should be intact and relatively firm. Their color is sort of a tan/brown. Like any mushrooms, you don't want them to be mushy. I don't find that size matters particularly. One should also look for a nice big pack of butter because that's what they go best with :).

          I got some nice ones at Savenor's a couple weeks ago. They are always expensive but so light in weight that 8 or 10 only costs a few dollars.

          1. re: hckybg

            they shoud look firm and fresh, the web between the stem and the top should be connected, they shouldn't have mold, feel slimy, or be breaking apart easily. The ones in March were beautiful. I'm going tomorrow so I'll see what they have. I don't buy any mushrooms from china and usually the source should be posted. I don't know about the quality from Turkey but all mushrooms are mostly water so the farther they travel the less their likely to be great.

    2. Anyone ever seen one growing around these parts? I understand they like limestone, which limits the options in this area.

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      1. re: nsenada

        Go out around memorial day, or when there are blossoms on the apple trees. Look in old established apple orchards, around the base of the trees. Once you find an area that has them, you can usually return year after year.

        1. re: justbeingpolite

          Well, apples are blooming *now* in eastern MA.

          Limestone is more typical in the Green Mtns and Taconics than eastern MA.

          And few are likely to reveal their specific preferred foraging grounds.

          1. re: Karl S

            Then it's time to start looking. While you're right about specifics (and, unfortunately, I can't remember which orchard I pulled a shopping bag full of morels from about 5 yrs ago), I've had good luck in the orchards in the Stowe area.

            1. re: Karl S

              True enough - I have been sworn to secrecy on a couple black trumpet and hedgehog sites, on pain of violent death.

        2. Would also add that Russo's had a BIG bag of fiddleheads to pick from, at $10/lb. and tiny ramps for something like $15/lb. I've never had ramps before, so I bought one little bunch (for 5 bucks!) - but I have to admit, they are tasty little suckers. Sauteed them with the shredded tops in just a little olive oil, dash of pepper flakes, some fresh peas and parsley - tossed with spaghetti and grated parmesan - wow! Really good. The fiddleheads with garlic and lemon zest - also outstanding - love that woodsy/nutty flavor.