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Mar 29, 2010 06:33 PM


I want to know about the best wings EVAR around the Seattle area!

I'm on the crave for wings atm!

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  1. I love the wings at the Pump House in Bellevue. Perfect as a shared appetizer because I have to save room for the onion rings!

    1. Since you don't specify the type of wings... The salt and pepper chicken wings at 663 Bistro are great. I also really like the wings at Issian in Wallingford. Szechuan 99 also has really good wings.

      Szechuan 99
      6124 200th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

      1. As far as I ever knew, wings was wings: wings/meat/fryer/bleu....
        Then I moved to Greenwood.
        If you want HOT wings, WingDome has it all for you.
        The ordinary part of the menu has, as I recall, #1 through #6, in escalations of heat. These are nothing. On, however, a whole nother page, is #7 and (dig it) beyond. The experience, itself, has dimmed memory. but I absolutely remember I was crying when I bleated, heroically, through tears, "this is the hottest thing I ever ate." I will go back for more...

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          When we lived in Phinney, we would regulary hit Wingdome after work or on weekend afternoon. The quality was always inconsistent which we could never figure out but the variety of sauces always made us happy. I'm not sure what it is like now since we moved 4 years ago and haven't been back since.

          21008 108th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98031

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. My husband is partial to the wings at Wedgwood Ale House - not the Broiler, but the pub at 35th Ave NE and 85th.