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Mar 29, 2010 05:08 PM

POUTINE with cheddar cheese curds


My name is Suzie. I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 27 years old, and I'm wondering WHY you don't have POUTINE here, in california?!

For those who don't know what is a poutine (prononce "putsin") it's a dish consisting of french fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients (chicken, sausages, spaghetti sauce, etc.) If you want to see what it looks like :

So, here's my questions :

1- Am I wrong or there's no POUTINE restaurant in Orange County, L.A. County or Ventura County?

2- Do you know a place, except Wisconsin, where I can get cheddar cheese curds (the "squeaky cheese" ?

3- Do you know something about a good POUTINE SAUCE (kind of gravy)?

4- If you knew a place where they sell poutine (maybe in Ventura), would you like to try it?!

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  1. Had poutine in Canada, around Toronto, but never seen it out here. They were okay, but certainly an acquired taste that never seemed to carry much weight here. Californians are not much as gravy people. Try Chili Cheese Fries instead out here in the West. You get the same sloppy fried potato kick, but notched up a bit and maybe a little bit better for you with more internal nutrition. Better yet, move on to nachos.

    1. I have lived in several different parts of CA and have never come across poutine. Even at a place they served it in Vancouver BC, they admitted that it really didn't belong on the west coast, it was just that one of the cooks was from the part of Canada where it's more popular so they had it on the menu.

      But carne asada fries, which you can find all over CA, will probably fill your poutine void.

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        carne asada fries? tell me more; never seen them around here...

        1. re: toodie jane

          wikipedia checks in on carne asada fries and claims they are standard fare primarily in San Diego:

          Looks a lot like nacho stuff on french fries, instead of tortilla chips. Can't be a bad thing at all.

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            Any place that has a Beto's, or Adalbertos, or any other variation ending with Berto's in CA will have the carne asada fries. I have also seen them at non-berto's places with some frequency, specifically the Flaming Grill in Sacramento. They are basically drive-thru mexican restaurants that have taken over defunct fast food places and are open 24 hours. Mostly prevalent in San Diego county, but also can be found in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valleys and other medium to large western cities including Reno, Salt Lake, and St. George.

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            Looks like it would be a hard choice between the poutine and the chili lime pigs ears. Rather eclectic menu there. Might want to also highlight this place on the Los Angeles Chowhound.

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              Am surprised that this tread didn't appear when I did a search for ANIMAL.


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                Totally going to ANIMAL next time I am in LA.

          2. Hi Suzie, In Orange County, my Quebecois father-in-law gets his poutine fix at Brasserie Pascal in Fashion Island. I didn't see it on their online menu, but I know he's had it there, as well as the site's former incarnation French 75 (which appears to have a site in Laguna Beach). The Brasserie link is below.

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              Hope the original poster asks the same question on the Los Angeles group - looks like that is the better forum for this question.