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Mar 29, 2010 04:09 PM

Tacos Cancun-- Lambertville

Sometimes when you are wet, cold-- and starving-- the food gods will throw you a juicy, warm bone. Today (a Monday) at around 4 pm (Monday = chef's day off, an unlikely day to make a MAJOR find) the food gods threw a big one my way. I was in Lambertville, needing warm food. I stumbled onto a little corner grocery that flashed the TACOS sign in its window. I was on Main Street, near the corner of Church, when the food gods illumined my path.

Inside the door, a small grocety with a very active little kitchen in the back-- 3 kitchen workers. The woman at the counter produced a menu. My stomach growled-- the menu listed a selection of Tacos (all $2/each) and Tortas (around $7) and, pouncing, I ordered 3 tacos-- 2 different kids of marinated pork (one with pineapple) and one carne asada. I took one of 4 seats at a small counter, and awaited the food. Ten minutes and my plate came out--- wow. Three gorgeous tacos, piping warm and flanked by 2 salsas-- one a creamy guacomole, the other a fiery red caliente. The first one went into the red salsa and then into my mouth. Carumba! A reason to live, to continue seeking the true grail of flavor. And to discover here in rainy Lambertville. Not that I haven't had good food in Lambertville-- but usually accompanied with a strong check. The six dollars I was now spending at Tacos Cancun was bringing me the ultimate reward. REAL food, real flavor-- authentico-- the real deal. Suddenly, I was 2500 miles away, at a tacoria in southern Arizona, or even somewhere in sunny Pacific Mexico or Baja California.

Wherever a significant poplulation of Mexican people exist, be it somewhere in Illinois, New Jersey, or even Alaska-- there is a small spot just like Tacos Cancun to provide their real native flavors and textures. This Tacoria did just that. Tacos Cancun is a true blast of real savor. I will return there, and will go well out of my way even if I am not really hungry. Tacos Cancun serves the real deal, a glorious little flavor bomba rolled into a soft, warm taco. The puercos were stellar, the carne asada IMMENSE-- smokey, glorious street food. Go there, enjoy....

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  1. Jodell, thanks for the report. I was in Lambertville about a month ago and saw this place. Then, only a couple of days later, someone else on the board mentioned that Tacos Cancun is very, very good. I may have to find an excuse to go back to L'ville ASAP!

    1. I am making a point of getting there in the next week. Thank you so much for the post!!

      1. Yup, this place is amazing! The burritos are excellent and come topped with crema, lettuce, pickled jalapeno and cojita cheese, and are served with that delicious guacamole. I think they are $8 but usually enough for 2 meals for me! Their tortas are great, especially the cubano. And they also were serving atole this winter, not sure if they do year round. Atole is a hot beverage made from corn and not too easy to find around here.

        1. Thanks for this tip. I am in NJ visting family and friends and searched this place out on Monday. I ordered the Taco de Chorizo and Taco al Pastor, both were fresh and delicious. I'll be in the area again today and I'll probably stop in for more.

          1. Finally made it over to Tacos Cancun today. For sure, this place is authentic. We had tacos al pastor and tacos pollo. Both were fresh and delicious. The price was right, too. I did not have a burrito, but I saw them making one and it looked wonderful.
            The ony downside is that this place is more like a bodega and less like a restaurant. The seating is basically some stools at a counter. At least half of the stools are right in front of a large window air conditioner (I'm talking less than a foot away) so cold air is blowing right onto you and your food.
            I would definitely go back if I were in Lambertville and wanted cheap, fast, delicious and fresh Mexican food. I wouldn't however, make the trip specifically to eat here.
            BTW, not too far away, in Flemington, there is Huarache Azteca on Main Street whose tacos and tortas are just as authentic, fresh, and delicious, but they have tables and waiters. Prices are similar.

            Huarache Azteca
            136 Main St Ste 1, Flemington, NJ 08822

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            1. re: madgreek99

              Not long ago, I posted about what appears to be a new taco place in Lambertville. Didn't get any responses.

              If I remember correctly, the new joint is just down the street from Tacos Cancun. Maybe you could do a comparison? (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). :-))


              1. re: ambrose

                Went on a motorcycle ride today, passed through town and remembered jodell's post.

                Couple of observations: It is hard to spot. The location is between Church and Bridge on the South side of Main St. I have attached a picture.

                The food was fantastic and we had various Taco's and a Chicken and Cheese Enchilada
                Six Tacos and Enchilada was $23.00. Food was excellent.

                We were the only non Spanish speaking folks there and everyone was real nice. Seemed as if the customers thought it was funny we were there! We all exchanged Hola's.

                Note in the picture how we sat on the porch. Seating inside is marginal. No bathroom.

                Not sure I would bring the Mrs. there, but I will be back.

                1. re: brucefanz

                  In warmer weather thgey have really nice seating outside, in back... jodell

              2. re: madgreek99

                I look forward to trying Tacos Cancun. I can also recommend Huarache Azteca - their torta cubana is possibly the perfect sandwich: roasted pork leg, chicken milanese, chorizo, cheese, avocados, pickled jalepiños, lettuce, tomato, and onions – on a soft Portuguese roll.

                Huarache Azteca
                136 Main St Ste 1, Flemington, NJ 08822

                1. re: EthnicNJ

                  Do they also have huaraches on the menu? Those are hard to find, but wonderful.

                  1. re: glutton

                    Tacos Cancun has huaraches and they are delicious!

                    1. re: glutton

                      Following a tip from JustJake (, I went to Joyce's Bakery & Taqueria in Bound Brook. Very good tacos (though I prefer the tacos at Taqueria El Chivo across the street) and excellent huaraches - the fried corn masa was nice and chewy.

                      Joyce Bakery
                      203 E Main St, Bound Brook, NJ 08805

                      Taqueria El Chivo
                      220 E Main St, Bound Brook, NJ 08805

                    2. re: EthnicNJ

                      OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the torta cubana at Huarache Azteca. I have told my husband exactly what you just said... this is the perfect sandwich. I have also told the cook there that he has made possibly one of the best sandwiches I have EVER eaten! Getting hungry....

                      Huarache Azteca
                      136 Main St Ste 1, Flemington, NJ 08822

                      1. re: madgreek99

                        I hear you, it is sandwich nirvana.

                        1. re: madgreek99

                          The Torta Cubana at Tacos Cancun is soooooo good, though it is a heart attack on a bun - loved the sliced hot dogs they put on there!