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Mar 29, 2010 04:07 PM

Dives/Pubs in Savannah?

Third week of April I'm going to Savannah with my mother and younger, 18-year old sister. Although I'd like to check out some bars while in Savannah, I heard most of them are 21+, and my younger sister couldn't swing that. Could anyone recommend a dive or pub in Savannah--somewhere with a good beer selection and food--that is comfortable for all ages? Really trying to avoid any touristy and over-priced places.

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  1. You might like the Crystal Beer Parlor or the Distillery, both downtown.
    On Tybee Island, Huc-a-poo's would fill the bill.

    1. Second Doug's reco re: Crystal Beer Parlor - this is a place under new ownership but faithful to the spirit of a joint that's been around for ages. We had dinner there before the Wilco concert last Thursday and everybody was extremely pleased. The new owner are taking the Beer Parlor part of their name pretty seriously with excellent micros and importeds tio matsh their great food. Shrimp salad sammich and an order of hand-made onion rings might do the trick for you.

      I also like Churchill's (English pub sort of set-up) and Moon River (a microbewery on Bay Street) for cold ones. Both serve pretty decent bar food.

      1. Ditch your sister and go to Pinkie Masters. It DOES NOT get any divey-er. PM is at corner of Charlton and Drayton. Really, a famous place.

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          well, if you're gonna ditch sis, I'll add The Rail near the corner of Congress and Montgomery. Ever since Jim Collins closed some years back, that 's been my favorite Savannah dive.

        2. Slip her in here.............bring her an ID and drinks are 50% off..........

          You might get her in Molly's...........

          The Rail Pub is nice...........

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            Haha thanks for all the suggestions! We'll try to get the little lady into a proper dive. When I return after the weekend I'll let you all know where we went and how it was! Sunsh9e--I think try out Pinkie Masters, your post sounds too certain to ignore. Plus--in Savannah there's no open container law right? I could slide in and out of all these bars getting drinks to-go!

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              One 16-oz cup per person and you're good.

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                So sorry it took so long for feedback, just wanted to thank savdog and buddha49 for recommending Crystal Beer Parlor--had the best fried oyster po'boy I will ever taste. Excellent and comfortable atmosphere and served local brewery 'Moon River' on tap. Tried the Nacho appetizer which included pulled pork and pickles! My mom liked it so much we went twice, hah! Didn't end up going to many bars for too long, as walking around in Savannah with a good buzz and a beer in your hand makes you want to stay walking around. thanks, dudes.