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Mar 29, 2010 03:39 PM

Open late in downtown Boston

I'm going to a concert in downtown Boston next week with my girlfriend next week. Due to my schedule, we won't have the time for dinner until afterwards. What restaurants are there in the general vicinity (within a mile) of Park Street station that are still seating customers at 10:30 - 11:00 on a Tuesday night? I don't want to go to South Street Diner, or anywhere that's too fast food-y (pubs are fine). I'm trying to stay out of the North End, but I will go that route if I have to.

Any suggestions?

South Street Diner
178 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

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  1. There are places in Chinatown, for instance Peach Farm is open until 3. Also, not sure if the kitchens are still open, but either 21st Amendment, the Red Hat, Kennedys, or Last Hurrah along with similar bars w/kitchens may still be serving.

    Peach Farm
    4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

    1. Silvertone serves pretty late. Very close to Park St T..Bromfield St...a few doors off Tremont. Might want to check with them.

      69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108

      Tremont Cafe
      418 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

      1. A few others with those kind of late-night seatings that are comparatively date-worthy: Woodward at the Ames Hotel, Troquet (pricey French but very good), Ivy (not my favorite for food or drinks, but it's nice-looking and reasonably priced.)

        10:30pm is often the last seating for many of these places on a Tuesday night, so you might want to have a Plan B in Chinatown or widen your scope a bit (North End, South End and Back Bay have a few more options) in case your show runs long. As mentioned, Silvertone is an old standby, serves food till 1:45am, and you shouldn't have too long a wait for a booth late on a Tuesday.

        140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

        1. Lucca Back Bay is nice and they serve the bar menu until 1 a.m. The food is quite good.

          Lucca Restaurant
          226 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

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            I've enjoyed Lucca Back Bay as well, although it is getting a bit far afield from Park St. Near Lucca Back Bay, Brasserie Jo serves their bar menu until 1 am. Closer to Park, Via Matta serves their bar menu until 1 am as well.

            Lucca Restaurant
            226 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

            Via Matta
            79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

            Brasserie Jo
            120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116