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Mar 29, 2010 03:08 PM

where to find extensive sodapop selection in Seattle?

just watched the Chow-video on Obsessives: Soda Pop... and want to find a shop like the GALCO's Soda Pop Stop Shop, featured in the Los Angeles area... any ideas for similar shops in Seattle?
thx 4 your suggestions!

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  1. Not really answering your question, but Dry Soda has a tasting room in Pioneer Square. Really great flavors. Local. They made my pregnancy tolerable!

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    1. re: ethereal

      yep... was able to get some of that at my local QFC recently... the lavender was amazing

    2. I don't know of anything quite like this, but Zippy's Burgers in West Seattle offers a prodigious selection of sodas by the bottle, all sans HFCS.

      Zippy's Giant Burgers
      1513 SW Holden St, Seattle, WA 98106

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      1. thanks all...
        ( luv L-Lab, so will definitely try some of their sodas (am usually too full) )