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Mar 29, 2010 02:45 PM

Pho Orchid

I have noticed a new Vietnamese restaurant in Metairie, Pho Orchid ( behind the starbucks and Izzo's) on Veterans. Has anyone been here yet? I usually drive to the Westbank or to New Orleans East to get some Vietnamese food, and I am not the biggest fan of Jasmine Cafe, even though I live near it.

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  1. Love it ! I go a couple of times a week. Everything is great. Big menu. Nice atmosphere.

    1. I was really surprised with how good Pho Orchid was. The day of the NFC Championship game, my friends and I knew that Pho Tau Bay was closed on sundays, so we drove all the way out to Kenner (polar opposites practically) to eat at Pho Bang, which was always a favorite Pho joint of mine growing up. I could've sworn that Pho Bang was open on sundays (as I thought with PTB as well) because I remember eating there after sunday morning mass with my vietnamese family.

      ANYWAY. We made the trek all the way out to Kenner only to find out that Pho Bang is also closed on sundays. So here we were all the way out in Kenner, and we didn't know where to go next. We thought about Frosty's, but Pho Orchid came up, and we said we'd roll by and see if it was sketchy or not.

      The location is not immediately visible, but it's not hard to find. Once we got there, the entire wait staff (including the 60-something Vietnamese woman who was running the place) was adorned in Saints jerseys. They were so so friendly, but what really impressed me was the food (and portion size). The Pho was definitely good and if they did use any MSG they were definitely light on it. Trust me, I do not react well to MSG in Pho (in other words, stay away from Jazmine Cafe's pho if you don't take well to MSG). The Goi Cuon (Spring Rolls) were super good too, though I adhere to the school of thought that it's really hard to mess up Goi Cuon.

      Def. recommended.

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        Not Pho Orchid related, but Pho Bang on the Westbank is definitely open on Sundays. I had breakfast there day before yesterday and have many times since it opened. Yum.