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Mar 29, 2010 01:55 PM

Korean BBQ in Edmonton

I'm planning a birthday gathering for this Friday and was wondering if there are any good Korean BBQ places in Edmonton? I live in Calgary now and have lost touch with what's good in that town.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. foodlove:

    Although I do live in Edmonton, I too "have lost touch" with Korean food in this city. I do not recollect the last time we had Korean food apart from my clumbsy attempts at doing my own version of kalbi and the like.

    After reading about Korean fried chicken I checked out the small family owned place on the southside and although the chicken was good I expect it was not what you are looking for. Mainly a student clientele when we were there at noon on a Saturday.

    Korean friends years ago recommended Ginseng in Millwoods but I do not even know if it is open still.

    The spot we used to go to was in an industrial area east of 99 Street at about 60 Ave. Korean Gardens. It too may be gone or at least opened with a new name.

    Good luck with your search. I hope others chime in with some better recommendations and info.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Korean Gardens is now B-Bim-Baab. I don't know if it is the same owners/chefs/menus or not, but same location. I enjoyed my meal there, but did not try any of their BBQ dishes:

      1. re: itwillmakeaturd

        I thought I had read that somewhere as I do recollect a reference to the industrial neighbourhood but was not sure.

        As indicated above, it has been quite some time since I was last out having Korean food.

        Thank you for the update.

    2. I'm no expert on Korean, but I've enjoyed my experiences at Korean BBQ House (south side -61st/28ave) and many people still swear up and down that Bul-Go-Gi House near Bonnie Doon Mall is amazing (although I've yet to be blown away there)

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      1. re: raidar

        Bul-Go-Gi house is not amazing. It will make a turd at best.

        1. re: itwillmakeaturd

          as may the stick of "Juicy Fruit" gum comped upon exiting....the BGG House "fit the bill" back in student days but have not been back since I moved from the Strathearn Apartments back in early '80's.

          Miss the Red Ox Inn in its Bernie Peck days than the BGG House.

          Red Ox Inn
          9420 91 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 3P4, CA

      2. I've had Korean Village recommended to me as well although I haven't been there myself.

        Bul Go Gi House hasn't changed at all. Same food, same decor.

        1. I used to love "The Bottleneck" in HUB Mall when I went to university. Is it still there?