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Mar 29, 2010 12:31 PM

Square foot raised garden outdoors

Hi everyone,

I've just built and started my first square foot garden. Here it is:

I live in zone 7a, Virginia.

My game plan is to plant onions, arugula, rosemary and lettuce now (that's already done). I've left room for strawberry plants in mid-April and then tomatoes and hot peppers will go in in May. Does that sound workable?

I'm a bit unsure about the rosemary. I've heard it grows very large. Will it be possible to contain it (mostly) to 1foot across with a lot of pruning?

What about strawberries planted right in the raised bed? Will they need a support of some kind?

Hope you all have some good advice. I am new to gardening.

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  1. Rosemary wil need some pruning, but will be just fine. Keeping mine in a small pot this year. Enjoy.
    Your plan sounds workable. I added kale, chard, chives, spinach - cut and cut again type plants. That and anything vertical (check out climbing cucumbers - very nice).

    1. I garden in NH so rosemary is a tender perennial here. I grow it in a pot and sometimes bring it inside. Last year I gave away a plant that had survived several indoor winters. I think you have to love rosemary to devote space to it in a sq foot garden. I love other herbs more. Also, I like to have a prostrate rosemary in a shallow wooden bucket as a feature next to my porch set. It sits on a stand and I usually plant a small thyme and a third plant to complement it.
      I started out with square foot gardening with the intent of getting as much harvest as possible so strawberries wouldn't be my choice. I'm not sure how much you can harvest and they would take up space when not producing. I would plant something like bush beans and beets or the kind of veggies Westy plants.

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        I agree about the "love of rosemary". Last year, my rosemary flourished in a 6 inch pot.

      2. tz, I commend your efforts! For most vegetables, one foot squares seem a bit confining to me. Please post with updates throughout the season.

        On your web site you write: Lots of garden soil, peat moss and compost.

        Dirt and amendments can get quite expensive, so for budget purposes, here's a site to help figure how much "lots" is.