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Bored and burnt out

I don't know what's happened to me. I used to feel like I was cheating myself whenever I repeated a recipe, now I'm eating the same three things all week. I haven't tried cooking anything new in weeks. I haven't cruised the farmer's market or produce aisle wondering what I could do with what's on display. I haven't read cookbooks in bed, or out of bed, for that matter. Does this ever happen to you? Do you get stuck in a rut? I feel so uninspired.

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  1. Yeppers, I can get burned out a couple of times a year. My husband enjoys so many home cooked meals including lunch that he is always supportive and williing to go out on those occasions. Sometimes we all just need a little break!!! Take it and enjoy, you will feel inspired soon and be eating some fine foods in no time.

    1. It would be abnormal if this *didn't* happen once in a while, don't you think?

      1. I'm a baker first and foremost and right now I'm enjoying baking. But...there are times when I want to throw out all my bakeware and never bake again. I think what is needed is a good balance. Sometimes we embrace our passion, be it cooking or baking, so much that we go overboard. I think that's when we start feeling "bored and burnt out." Don't worry, your interest will be back sooner or later!

        1. This happens to all of us; give yourself a small break and rejuvenate your mind but don't take too long because you don't want to become stagnant with something you clearly enjoy. I create recipes and sometimes I get in a rut, there are times when I can't come up with one idea so I back off for awhile, take in my environment for inspiration and I'm back at it in no time.

          1. Tooootally happens to me -- and usually this time of year when the good produce is just creeping in but before the glut of summer. I do have a few healthy, super-easy, reliable recipes that I use to get me through those times. I figure inspiration just comes in waves and I have to power through! I always come out the other end though.

            Do you read any foodie blogs? I have a few in my reader that I find to be invariable sources of inspiration.

            1. One cure for the "cook's doldrums" is to go out to an expensive restaurant and order the most expensive item on the menu that parallels something you know you can prepare at home with a little bit of time and effort. Enjoy the meal, compare it and the total of the bill with what you believe you can do as well or nearly as well at much less expense. That spawns inspiration

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                todao - what a wonderful surprise idea. I would not have thought of that. I will definitely remember that as the doldrums happen to me as well.

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                  Yes, todao's advice will give you the kick in the butt you need to get moving.

                  I have days of no inspiration and no appetite, it's frustrating, but I just focus on things other than food and I feel better again, creative and inspired, in a few days. You can't be creative 24/7. Life ebbs and flows and this time of year can be tough; Winter wears people out.

                  In lieu of a good meal out, I buy myself a piece of kitchen equipment or bakeware that I've wanted for awhile, (I just got a couple small things in the mail today) to get the juices flowing again. Nothing like a litte treat or short vacation, a change of scenery...

                  If you're not feeling better soon, maybe have a chat with your physician.

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                  I do the opposite. I go to a very nice restaurant and order the cheapest thing on the menu. I'm always interested in what great chefs can do with potatoes... or chicken... or whatever happens to be cheap. Then I try to recreate it at home.

                3. This happens to me this time of year and again in the late summer, usually August. I think it's when I'm stuck in a seasonal rut. I'm tired of heavy winter food right now but it's not consistently warm enough yet for me to be thinking about grilling, lots of vegetables, light stuff, etc. For me this condition always improves when the seasons have clearly changed.

                  1. Sounds perfectly normal to me. Anyway, what's wrong with repeating favorite recipes? Does a virtuoso pianist learn the Tchaikovsky concerto, then play it only once and never again? <grin>