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Mar 29, 2010 11:28 AM

One (Affordable) Day in Montreal

Sadly, we will only have one day in Montreal so I want to get the best possible local food experience without breaking the bank. I want stuff I can only get in Montreal, or Quebec. This is really my first time in the area and I have been looking forward to eating there for a while.

Please make suggestions!

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  1. For breakfast : St-Viateur Bagels and some coffee.

    For Lunch : Go to Schwartz' Have a smoked meat sandwich.

    For dinner: Find a good Tourtière .. I don't know where.. maybe someone can chime in.

    After dinner (and a half dozen beers) find a "steamie" - Steamed Hot Dog and some Poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy.) Some 222s (aspirin with codeine - OTC) before you go to bed.

    This will probably be < $50 (without the beer and aspirin)

    Next day : Vasco de Gamma croissant befor you leave !!

    St-Viateur Bagel
    231 Rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

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      For tourtière, go to "La Binerie Mont-Royal".

      1. re: Maximilien

        Just looked up the website for La Binerie Mont-Royal. The photos look delicious....looks like a great breakfast! What do they serve for lunch? Burgers and things? We're going in June and are looking for just this type of place for breakfast. How are the prices? The coffee?
        I guess there's some street parking once you get off St. Laurent, right?
        Thanks for the great suggestion!

    2. If you haven't seen this post already, it sums up things very nicely and links to other posts...

      Here's a post specifically related to cheaper eats (with additional links):

      And for more info on St-Viateur Bagels:

      St-Viateur Bagel
      231 Rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA