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Mar 29, 2010 10:58 AM

NYT: Underground Paris

Did anyone see this article in the NYT this weekend? I guess these won't be "private" anymore if half of America has read about them.

What reviews does anyone have of Chez Nous Chez Vous, Hidden Kitchen, or O Chateau?

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  1. Yes, I read the article.

    Haven't been to the others, but we've been to Hidden Kitchen a couple of times and have reservations again in May. The food is very good and the experience is alot of fun. The host and hostess are wonderful. We have met very interesting people from all over the world, several food critics, a pair of Cordon Bleu students, drs, lawyers, show biz, people, etc...good conversation. Wine pairings are excellent. Also, a VERY good value!

    1. Yes, we saw the article as well. A few weeks ago we very much enjoyed the ten-course candlelit tasting menu for 16 persons at Hidden Kitchen. The evening was perfectly conceived and executed. Dinner starts at 8:00 and ends at 11:30, but it seems that we left a bit later. He cooks; she matches and serves the accompanying wines, which were nicely chosen for each dish. (The wines, by the way, are from the 6eme wine shop, La Dernière Goutte.) Prior to each course, the hosts take turns describing what we are about to taste. In addition to the excellent cooking and wine, we very much enjoyed the social aspect of the evening — it was a welcome change from the formality of restaurant dining. (Notes: (1) I think that they are booked months in advance; but we managed to get in on the waiting list. (2) For ease of conversation, I’d avoid the end seats of the single long table. (3) We were not given the address until our reservation was confirmed, and it’s not posted on their web site — but now the NYTimes has broadcast it to the world; that may be problematic in a number of respects . . . . ) Jake

      1. Olivier Magny of O Chateau is a friend and colleague, so I'm probably not allowed to say that he runs a very interesting and informative program. Check out his web site to determine for yourself.