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Mar 29, 2010 10:38 AM

Anything - Jacksonville/Orange Park

Staying with relatives in Orange Park. If I eat at another chain I might die. Looking for good recs -- not fine dining just good food at local establishment.

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  1. Bistro AIX, Kickbacks, and French Pantry. All good picks.

    French Pantry
    6301 Powers Ave, Jacksonville, FL

    1. Like Thai? Try Thai Garden on Blanding - convenient to OP and very good. Otherwise, come up the road and try Orsay on Park St. (not to be confused w/ Park Ave. in OP) in Jax. Very good french bistro. I hear Sarnelli's Italian on park Ave. just south of Kingsley is OK from friends in the area - I haven't been there in many years. Also, you could try Mojo's BBQ down on 220 in Fleming Island as well, or Whitey's Fish Camp a little bit farther out on 220 for some local flavor. Mojo's is probably the top 'cue in the area - lots of options down in OP. Not a chain in the bunch.

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        while whiteys can be a fun place to grab a few drinks, the food is simply horrible.

      2. Try Pompeii Pizza on Park, just past Kingsley heading towards Fleming Island. Coal-fired pizza. Service can be slow but, but that oven gives the nice browned bubbles on the crust. My favorite is the meatball ricotta pizza.

        Pompeii Pizza
        2134 Park Ave, Orange Park, FL 32073