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Mar 29, 2010 10:30 AM

Coffee by the Carafe (at a nice brunch)?

I recently went to a very nice brunch at a very nice restaurant that served very good coffee in the tiniest cups ever. On top of that, the server was pouring the cups only about 3/4 full and was busy enough with other tables that we all sat around with empty cups for much of the meal.

The coffee was served from insulated carafes that were sitting on a table nearby. I considered asking if she would just leave the carafe with our table of 6 (5 of whom were drinking coffee) but since that's only something I've ever seen at IHOP or diner-type places I didn't know if it would have been rude. I'm interested to know what others think.

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  1. I don't think it would be rude to ask.

    1. As my grandfather had said: All you can do is ask, all they can do is say no. If you ask, they will almost certainly leave a freshly filled carafe at your table. There are two things going on. Number one, this is a nice place, the staff should say yes to any reasonable request. Number two, restaurant staff LOVES their caffeine and will be sympathetic to your plight. Next time just look the waiter dead in the eyes and tell him you REALLY need coffee.

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        Heh, thanks. I'm not usually a shrinking violet or anything...must have been the lack of caffeine.

        1. re: JoanArkham

          Your response evokes Mickey D's recent ad in which the young, sleep deprived techie can't bring himself to make ANY sort of conversation with ANYONE until he's had his am coffee (including the Mickey D counter girl - who is trying to ask him if he would like some coffee). I'm sure this is a corollary to the Catch 22 conundrum... ;-D>

      2. Seriously? I would have walked over grabbed a carafe and poured my own coffee. There is nothing worse than seeing a coffee inches away when your cup is dry as a bone.