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Mar 29, 2010 09:18 AM

Momofuku Ko Wine Pairing ?

I was lucky enough to score lunch reservations. Is the wine pairing worth an extra $100. Corkage is $45 I'm dining with another person. We could bring 4 bottles for the same price. We both have very deep cellars to choose from.

Momofuku Ko
163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

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  1. I've been to Ko once, so I won't/can't be the final word. When we went for dinner and had the cheapest pairing, we had a different spirit for each course -- from champagne, to wine, to beer -- depending on how it matched the food, and it was pretty interesting. So, for that reason I would not BYO if you want the whole "curated" experience.

    1. we went with the pairing when went for dinner. we figured we were spending so much already why not go the full way. it was worth it.

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        Not really concerned about the money. We would each bring 2 bottles so the cost with corkage would be the same as a wine pairing. I'm just wondering what would match best. I'm sure some of their wine wines would be great but with 17 courses their wines wouldn't be that great I'm thinking.

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          I've not had lunch at Ko but found the dinner pairings pretty good, from beer to wine to sake. I recall one course that paired one of the Scholium Project wines...(it's been awhile, so I'm a little hazy on the details.)

      2. AHA! A post on chowhound that I can finally intelligently reply to! Well, kinda. I've never been to lunch there, but I have been to dinner multiple times.

        I've done the dinner wine parings at every level ($50, 100, 150) and I have brought my own bottles. I can say unequivocally that the highest level of pairing is the way to go. The sommelier (I believe her name is Christine?) makes excellent and engaging choices--completely on par with the inventiveness of the food.

        That being said, I would NOT recommend either of the other pairings--simply way too expensive for the quality of beverages offered. I'd rather pay a corkage and not be overcharged for small pours of wines that retail for $15.

        As you probably already know wine pairings are a complete rip off at almost every restaurant (and frankly the $150 pairing is no exception if you're talking about mark up alone), but I'd say that the quality and inventiveness of the high end pairing is of its own league in NYC, and a perfect accompaniment to the originality of the cooking. No reason to bring your own at that point.

        Please report back after you go!

        1. I've been to both lunch and dinner several times (actually in the last 5 weeks). I thought all the pairings went very well with what was being served. If you do decide to BYO a good portion of the menu is fish so pair accordingly. Most of their pairings are whites.

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            Without a doubt it is worth it. Enhances the whole experience / kicks it up another level. I was also introduced to the wonderful scholium project's "prince in his caves" sauvingon blanc during the time I did it. Outstanding paired with sea urchin!!

          2. I had the cheapest wine pairing and enjoyed it but as usual with wine pairings I wasn't blown away. The Scholium Prince in his Caves was the exception as someone else noted. There was an article about the sommelier in the Times Magazine a while back which was really quite off-putting.