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Mar 29, 2010 09:09 AM

In search of the best Veal in Toronto

I need assistance fellow chowhounds...I have some good friends who cook with veal a lot...for some reason I do not...they used to buy their veal (and some lovely calves liver) at Nicola's near Avenue Rd. and Eglinton. Since Nicola's closed, they have tried a number of places and they tell me they have yet to find veal of the same quality. I'm not sure of all of the places they have already tried but I'm looking for your suggestions to pass on...they live midtown but would probably travel for lovely veal...


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  1. I don't really have an answer for you, just a suggestion that - may - work.

    The butcher I go to is afghani, and whenever I'm in there asking for beef they point me to the veal, they got white veal, red veal.. whatever veal you can think of and it seems to me it's all they eat. Sometimes I want BEEF but they just don't stock it.
    Maybe it's worth checking out a local afghani place. I don't know what's the obsession with veal because I know for a fact that afghani restaurants will serve beef.

    Just a suggestion.

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    1. re: BamiaWruz

      Where is this Afghani butcher? I wouldn't mind taking a look myself.

      1. re: munchieHK

        Mine is in whitby, which I'm sure is far for you. It's a grocer, but the butcher area is occupied by 3 different butchers and I favour one but never quite understand which days he's available.

        The selection is not worth coming out but because I live close I can regularly check by.

        1. re: BamiaWruz

          Cheers. Yeah, it is a bit far for me. Maybe I'll check some of the halal butchers around Donlands. I think one of them is Afghani as well.

    2. I go to Nortown at Eglinton/Bathurst for everything veal. Provimi cutlets, rib chops, shoulders, and veal briskets. I love it. But chops and cutlets are priceyyyyy! Worth it though for me. Great quality. Hope this helps.

      1. Here is a copy of a post I put on this thread:-

        I have to share it with you now. ...

        I have been frequenting Marcelleria Venezia for about a year and have been consistently impressed with the quality of meat, level of service and reasonableness of the prices.
        They are located just west of Ossington on the North side of Bloor. ( 906, Bloor St. West.).
        They are not a full range butcher, rather specialising in Italian cuts - Scallopine, Osso Buco (sp?), veal chops, melt in the mouth lamb, veal tenderloin (where else can you find that?), some goat, chicken etc.
        Very personalised service - they have allowed me to watch exactly the joint I want removed from the carcass.
        If you have a particular piece of meat in mind, give them a couple of days advance warning and they will have it for you.

        In summary, an honest, old fashioned, high quality butcher and yet not too expensive, specialising in Italian cuts.