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Mar 29, 2010 09:05 AM

Rehersal Dinner in Puerto Vallarta

I am getting married next year in Puerto Vallarat and I'm trying to figure out where to have the rehersal dinner. We were planning to have it at Trio but then my SO and I visited last month and didn't like it. The rooftop part was what we loved but the stairs up were treacherous and a few of our group would have had difficulty with the walk up and down so we chnaged our minds.

We had a lovely meal at La Palapa and loved siting right on the beach so we've contemplated there but I've heard some bad reviews.. even talk of food posining. Plus our service wasn't always the best. Does anyone know anything about this? I would love to be able to sit on the beach and be relaxed but I don't know where? Any suggestions? We'll have about 50-60 people I'd say.

I've been looking at Daiquiri Dicks, Cafe des Artists, etc.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Unless you're on the beach there is always a climb in Puerto Vallarta! You might want to check out Le Kliff, it's really one of the most wonderful restaurants, last time we ate there there was actually someone getting married there.