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Prime Rib in Austin

If I want to have prime rib for dinner in Austin (or surrounding area), where should I go? Who do you think serves good prime rib here?

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  1. I'd like to know that too. Prime rib seems to be hard to find in Austin.

    1. Though I've never actually ordered it ($28!!), Houston's on Anderson and Burnet has Prime Rib on their regular menu, rather than as a special. Everything else I've had there has been reliably yummy, so I wouldn't hesitate to try it.

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        I've had it and it is great. they have a cheaper and smaller lunch cut too.

        Houston's Restaurant
        2408 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757

      2. lambert's dinner menu is really pricey and gets some bad press on this board, so i humbly suggest the totally-worth-it $26 all you can eat brunch menu.

        in addition to as much freshly carved niman ranch prime rib as you can stand, there are all sorts of other deliciousness you can enjoy.
        when we went, i particularly enjoyed, in no specific order:
        caviar deviled eggs
        brioche french toast
        cheddar and roasted poblano grits
        brown sugar & coffee rubbed brisket

        feast your eyes here: http://lambertsaustin.com/new/images/...

        our brunches have always been gut-busting and the service is not intrusive.
        it's also nice to walk around the 2nd street area after and look at expensive stuff i will almost never buy.
        i think it is a way better deal/experience compared to their dinners.

        1. The Roaring Fork - Stonelake has a prime rib special on Sundays. I just found out about it last weekend so I haven't had a chance to try it. I'm willing to bet it's very good, though.

          1. I've heard from several people that the Salt Lick has a prime rib dinner only on Sundays. I'm not a fan of their BBQ, but I would definitely like to try the prime rib sometime (the people raving to me about the prime rib were also not fans of their BBQ). I've had it at Houston's and it was good (this would be about 7 years ago). I know they also serve it at Perry's, and I imagine that would be quite good.

            1. My husband is a prime rib lover and other than Gibson's in Chicago, his favorite is Houston's. I think he likes it because of the generous portion and the fact there seems to be less fat (not counting the fat that's marbled in that you can't really see). He's eaten prime rib all over the country, to be honest. Houston's is still way up there. We've never been to Salt Lick but don't live too far from it. Will have to try the Sunday night special.

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                I thought the portion size at Salt Lick was huge - maybe 3 pounds, and a great value for $20 something, including a bunch of sides.

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                  Smitty's in Lockhart has a great primerib. It may just be on Saturdays. Call and make sure they have some before you drive down.
                  [Edit} I now see there is already a great thread on this:

              2. I just drove by Backstage in Spicewood and I'm pretty sure their marquee stated that they would have prime rib for their Easter special on Sunday. If it's as good as their steak, which is the best I've ever had, it's sure to be incredible.

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                  i ended up having easter brunch with my family at backstage, and did in fact order the prime rib. just a note - they have prime rib every tuesday night.

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                    how was it?
                    did it meet (or possibly exceed) your expectations?

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                      it was good, but doesn't compare to their filet. prime rib is definitely not my favorite, though, so i may be a bad judge. in fact the only reason i ordered it on sunday was because this thread got it in my head!