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Mar 29, 2010 08:20 AM

Red velvet ice cream anyone?

has anyone tried making this?

care to share a recipe? tips?

i saw this.. a cheesecake ice cream served in red velvet cookies...

anyone try? or just a flavored red velvet ice cream- no cookie?

id be interested in knowing !

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  1. So... you want a plain vanilla ice cream with just a *hint* of cocoa and a LOT of food coloring? Seems pretty easy. Just don't give it to any kids in light clothes. ;-)

    1. The only red velvet ice cream I've ever seen is with bits of the cake mixed into vanilla or cheesecake ice cream. I reckon you could make red velvet-flavored ice cream, though, with a bit of cocoa and something to add some tang (since the cake contains vinegar -- creme fraiche or yogurt maybe would do the trick) and, obviously, a whole bunch of red food coloring! ;) I think a cheesecake-flavored ice cream base with crumbled red velvet cake in it would be better, though.

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      1. re: LauraGrace

        so i think im going to try 2 things.

        Im going to make cream cheese ice cream and then ill make some red velvet cake

        make one as a sandwich and the other ill crumble it into the ice cream

        now i will make the cream cheese ice cream.. no problem

        but im also trying to make lamb. hummus. babbah ganoush pita bread, baguettes and angel food cake in the same day so can i cheat on the red v elvet cake?

        i have some boxed DUNCAN HYNES red velvet cake i can bake into greased pans and just cut rounds out of and use as sandwiches.

        anyone try these? or should i just go from scratch?

        1. re: lestblight

          I am really baffled by the existence of this cake. It's so odd, and doesn't taste very good! Cheesecake ice cream sounds like heaven, however. . .

          1. re: lestblight

            Eh. I always think boxed mixes taste like chemicals. If it's a quickie shortcut you're after, though, I think you'll be fine.

            jvanderh, Red Velvet cake is like the little girl with the little curl -- when it's good, it's very, very good, and when it's bad, it's horrid. Give it another try -- the boxed mixes aren't that great, though, and I wouldn't buy it from a bakery outside the south. Maybe you ran across a bad example?

        2. Stoneridge Creamery now has a red velvet cake ice cream with cream cheese frosting swirled in!! AMAZING! I have some in my freezer now... mmm!

          1. Hi! I just made one. Check it out here:

            Everyone who tried it was a fan...!

            If you don't want to make it, I second the StoneRidge suggestion as well!

            1. I know it's a little late, but in case anyone else is looking for a recipe I just came across this one. I have not made it though...